Oh Land @ Heaven 23rd February 2012

I had been waiting 3 months for this gig to happen. When I purchased a ticket last year it was scheduled to take place on the 10th November. The reason I booked was because I liked the material Oh Land had out plus she was the support artist on the Katy Perry tour. I therefore thought it would be ideal to catch them play at a small venue. This Heaven date was then rescheduled to 23rd February in conjunction with the NME Awards tour which was taking place that month. A part of me thinks that it was postponed because it hadn’t sold out. Fast forward 3 months and this gig did sell out. I decided to get to Heaven around 4pm. It is hard to judge when to queue. I have been to gigs there when you can turn up an hour before and still be near the front when in line. Only on this occasion people had started to line up early. I was the 3rd there. By 5pm the queue had stretched to 20 people. Doors opened around 7.30pm and kicking things off was Aluna George. Even though I know very little about them I was so impressed I would like to hear more from them. Second on the night were duo Alpines. The two piece consisting of both Bob Matthews and Catherine Pockson excite me greatly. I first saw them supporting The Naked & Famous last year and I immediately knew they will make it big. As to be expected I was blown away by the set played. “We’re Alpines” Pockson said before launching into Odyssea. This was Electro Pop at its best. The song itself was very powerful and the band also had a drummer (whom isn’t an official member of the band). “It’s great to be here” Catherine said as the opening song got plenty of applause. It was then onto the Drive which featured on the Night Drive EP. This song had a dark feel to it plus Catherine’s vocals were outstanding. It was then onto Empire which I had never heard before. This song had a beat to it and Pockson’s vocals were extremely soulful. I would say this was a Power Pop song which Catherine delivered with every ounce of energy. “So how you guys doing? Are you well” Pockson said to the crowd whom were lapping up what was sung. It was then onto Saviour which was a very sleek song. What followed after was the last single by the band and this being Cocoon. Catherine’s vocals were rather haunting and it was an outstanding track. Ending the set was Lights and this was extremely different compared to what had previously been sung. First of all this was a song keyboard driven and secondly Catherine’s vocals made it rather gentle. Actually it sounded like a ballad . When the drums came in, the song gained a lot more power



Nanna Øland Fabricius (or Oh Land as she is better known as) is a talented Danish singer-songwriter and record producer. She made her entrance around 9.30pm The audience were going crazy and there were images being projected onto the white balloons which were in the centre of the stage. Fabricius then made her entrance wearing a pink dress and had two dead teddy bears as her sleeves. The set began with Perfection which is also the opening track of the self titled album. This was a crowd pleasing song and was very upbeat at the same time. Oh Land’s sound is a cross between early Bjork meets Robyn meets Lykke Li. “We’re so so happy to see you London. Actually this is the first concert we’ve played in 2 month. Which is like 7 years in dog time and that’s a lot. We’re going to play some songs from my album” Nanna then said before playing Break The Chain. The song itself went down well the crowd despite the lyrics being rather haunting. After plenty of cheers it was then straight into Voodoo. I really liked the catchy lyrics. I found it to be rather synthy and oozed plenty of energy as well. Wolf & I was a rather interesting because you could see it as a pop ballad which was absolutely sublime. The pace was extremely slow and mellowing at the same time. The band then filled in whilst Nanna went off stage for a costume change. The name OH LAND were being projected onto the white balloons and you could feel the energy from the crowd. Once back on stage Fabricius introduced us to the drummer and the person on keys before launching into the début single. I found Sun Of A Gun to be rather catchy and upbeat at the same time. You could pick up on the Electro vibe straight away. “Thankyou so much. How we all doing? You’re really nice pack of Wolves singing along. Are there any Narwhals out there tonight? Actually early on I was gonna wear Narwhals but I got 2 dead teddy bears instead. That was all I could get. The Narwhals, that Narwhal had retired so I had to get its cousin the teddy bar” Nanna said before launching into Lean which she wrote in Streatham. This song was rather smooth and Fabricius’s vocals were outstanding. “I’m going to play a little love song for you. I always get a little bit embarrassed when I play love songs coz I still pretend to my parents that I’m just 14 and a really good Catholic” Nanna said to the crowd before launching into Fauna song Deep Sea. I found this number to be rather soft and gentle. The fact it was delivered on the keyboard made it even more beautiful. About a minute into the song Fabricius got off the keyboard to finish off this short song.

It was then onto Heavy Eyes which again featured on Fauna. There was an R&B vibe to this song and it sounded amazing plus it was slightly infectious at the same time. The band are then introduced introduced again before getting stuck into Twist. This song unfortunately did not feature on the album but instead it appeared on the Abduction OST. Still I felt the urge to dance along to this song. “I’m going to play a song called Rainbow” Nanna said before inviting her Twitter friend Keri @katykeri to the stage as she had some moves to the song. Now it took a lot of guts to take to the stage and dance with Oh Land and it is an experience that she will never ever forget. As for Rainbow this song was one of my many highlight from the night. It was a song you could sing along to. At the end of the song everyone was chanting along to the line “You can make it click, making me pop”. Plenty of applause then followed. “Cheers everyone. You’re all so nice. In general I think when I come to England I just feel really loved. I come from a country where people don’t dare to say I love you when they get married. It’s really nice to be loved” Fabricius said before launching into penultimate song Human. This tune was amazing upbeat and you could feel the energy that it gave off. “This is a song for all the dreamers and the Narwhals and the Unicorns” she said before ending the night with White Nights. This was the perfect song to end on and the crowd were going wild for it. After everyone then left the stage only to return moments later for the encore. “We’re gonna play you a song that I wish was mine. But tonight I’m just going to pretend a little bit that it’s mine. It’s by a band called The National” Fabricius said before delivering a unique take on Blood Buzz Ohio. They made this song their own. “We’re going to play one last song and I hope I’ll see you soon” Nanna said before signing off with We Turn It Up. Judging by what was sung on the night I am so there when Oh Land is back in the UK


Break The Chain
Wolf & I
Sun Of A Gun
Deep Sea
Heavy Eyes
White Nights


Blood Buzz Ohio
We Turn It Up

OVERALL: First of all Aluna George is someone I will most definitely look out for in the future as the music that was sung captivated me.

Secondly Alpines offer a lot of promise. The are the opening act for Florence on 10th March at Alexandra Palace which does come as a surprise. I can see this duo becoming huge. Based on the set played they should really be headlining their own gigs. With a set of just 6 songs it makes me anticipate the album a lot more.

Lastly Oh Land was incredible. The songs that were sung on the night captivated me and it was also a pleasure to hear both Deep Sea and Heavy Eyes from the first album Fauna. Also Twist was a highlight for me. As for the set I rather enjoyed it and judging by everyone in attendance I reckon hey had an amazing time as well. I guess supporting Katy Perry worked wonders.


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