Moya @ The Borderline 24th February 2012

Brighton based Moya was set to play The Borderline as support for Brothers & Bones. After having released just 2 EP’s I found myself relishing the thought of hearing brand new material from this exceptional recording artist. This gig was rather laid back which was slightly unusual. I had never seen Brothers & Bones play before so it was actually a surprise to see the next lot of people arrive about 5 minutes before the doors opened.

Fast forward to 8.45 and Moya took to the stage alongside Tom Figgins who was sitting down playing the guitar. “Evening, Right lets go” she then said before opening up with Lust. I found this song to be rather soulful and Moya’s vocals complimented what was played on the acoustic guitar. “Thankyou very much guys, I’m Moya. This is actually my first big London gig. I’m from Brighton, so I pulled my arse up here on the train” Moya said before launching into Waiting So Long. The song was sung at a steady pace and it was rather mellow at the same time. “I’m going to slow it down, it’s a song called These Roads. I wrote it just when I got back from travelling. So its kinda got that whole following your path and finding yourself when you don’t really find yourself when travelling”. Moya was right These Roads was slow in pace and the lyrics were spot on. Making Me Fall was extremely upbeat and I was captivated from the very start. This song has to feature on the début album which is released in May. “Right we’re going back slow you can all sway from side to side if you fancy it” Moya then said before On Your Own which features on The Acoustic EP. This has to be one of my favourite songs. This beautiful ballad was fantastic and slightly emotional at the same time. “We’re going to introduce a loop pedal now which could be quite interesting” Moya said before the upbeat Lost & Found. Once over Moya then plugged away her Acoustic EP which I must say is simply incredible. This short but sweet set ended with a spine tingling take on Primal Scream’s I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had. She put her stamp of individuality onto this song. Also the vocals were simply breathtaking.


Waiting So Long
These Roads
Making Me Fall
On My Own
Lost & Found
I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had

OVERALL: This was the first time I had witnessed Moya live and she had a cracking pair of lungs. Each song was packed with passion and I would imagine they would feature on the forthcoming LP. The fact the set was stripped back worked wonders and I thoroughly enjoyed this set. Out of the 7 songs featured, 5 of them were brand new to me and they were brilliant. Moya is someone you need to check out.

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