Niki & The Dove @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 16th February 2012

Sweden has produced many fantastic acts ABBA, Alphabeat, Robyn, Fredrika Stahl, Icona Pop and plenty more. The latest offering by them was Niki & The Dove. The band consisted of Malin Dahlström (vocals), Gustaf Karlöf (keyboards), Magnus Böqvist (drums) and another two extra musicians. There has been a buzz about this band and that is why I purchased a ticket once it was announced. I hadn’t heard anything by them prior to the gig but I knew the genre was Electro Pop which satisfied my taste. This night was a sell out and it was the last opportunity to see them play in the capital (the recently announced Instinct headline tour featured no London date). The band were also short listed for the BBC Sound Of 2012 where there charted at #5.

Taking place at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen I could tell the doors wouldn’t open on time. That is the reason why I knew I would be able to get from Kingston to Hoxton in time. There was no support act which resulted in everything (nearly) running on time. Once I was inside I just waited at the front waiting for the main act to take to the stage. Niki & The Dove were due to come on at 9pm but instead made their entrance 15 minutes later. Prior to the set everyone was given glowsticks and glowbands to wear. The band took to the stage in slow motion only for one of the dancers to just stride across the edge of the stage. Things kicked off with Mother Protect which was taken from last years The Drummer EP. This synth pop song was a right crowd pleaser. Malin’s vocals were extremely distinctive and I really liked the middle 8 which then turned this into something rather upbeat. It was then onto the infectious The Fox. The lyrics were clear and precise. Its chorus was really luscious and powerful. “Thankyou so, so much” Dahlstrom said to the crowd after The Fox had gone down like a treat. What followed after was an extended version of single DJ, Ease My Mind. I found this song to be rather slow in pace. DJ, Ease My Mind was delivered faultlessly and was upbeat at times.

It was then into Somebody and this was a dancehall classic which had a fantastic chorus and infectious hooks. This song was pure bubblegum pop, it was rather smooth and it made you feel good inside. Plus the two dancers decided to throw glitter up in the air which covered the crowd. Gentle Roar was rather impressive and had a heavy drum beat. Brand new song Tomorrow followed straight on and this track will feature on Instict. This song was really gentle and was yet another slice of electronica. “This song is for you” Malin said before closing the night with The Drummer. Now I really liked this extended song. The drumbeat was heavy and the lyrics were delivered at a steady pace. You could feel the energy flowing from them. “We’re going to do one more” Dahlstrom said after people had been wanting an encore. This last song being Under The Bridges which was simply epic.


Mother Protect
The Fox
DJ, Ease My Mind
Gentle Roar
The Drummer


Under The Bridges

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night. I can see why there is bit of a buzz about Niki & The Dove. Debut album Instinct is released this coming May and I cannot wait to have it in my hands. The genre of the music that was sung suited me and each number was a classic.


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