Ren Harvieu @ The Lexington 15th February 2012

Salford born Ren Harvieu is an artist whom is extremely special and her name looks set to be on everyone’s lips this year. She was in the short list for BBC’s Sound Of 2012 and surprisingly did not chart in the top 5. For those who aren’t aware of Ren, back in May 2011 she suffered a horrific freak accident on a night out with friends. Basically she broke her back. Two of her vertebrae broke straightaway, sticking out of her clothes. When in hospital Harvieu had the worst injury in the specialist ward and her chances that she would walk again were 1/10. But Ren defied the odds and left hospital with a cane as an aid. This was the first time I had seen her perform live. Yes I was well aware of who Ren Harvieu was but apart from single Through The Night I hadn’t heard any other material. I arrived at The Lexington at 6.30pm after I mistakenly thought doors opened at 7pm. When 8pm came the doors did open and everyone started to trickle into the upstairs venue. The evening was to be a showcase of material that will feature on upcoming album Through The Night which is set to be released at the end of April. Harvieu took to the stage around 9.30pm and opened with Tonight. I was literally taken aback with how amazing the vocals were. Tonight was smothered with Soul and also there was a hint of Jazz. I basically stood in awe watching Harvieu deliver this outstanding song faultlessly. “Hello” Ren said before getting stuck into Walking In The Rain. This song was extremely smooth which sounded amazing. I definitely look forward to having the album within my hands. Once over it was straight into Twist The Knife which had some fantastic lyrics which were delivered beautifully. Ren then introduced the next song which was For You. This song felt as it would be suited in a Jazz Club and Harvieu put every ounce of energy into this belting song. “I’m going to try something I’ve never sung before” Harvieu said before attempting to cover Wicked Game. I have never heard Chris Isaak’s original version of this song but from hearing Ren’s take it was 100% brilliant. This song gentle on the ear and the vocals were pure perfection. “This next song is called Forever In Blue” Harvieu said before launching into the said song. Forever In Blue was one brilliant song. Ren’s smooth Jazz/ Soulful vocals were enough to give me shivers. “I’m going to ask Ed Hardcourt to come to the stage. This is my single that’s out at the moment, for those not bought it, you should ” Ren then said before getting stuck into the single Through The Night. This had luscious lyrics which were perfectly delivered. “I’m going to do a cover now, it’s one of my favourite songs actually” Harvieu said before tackling the Roy Orbison song Crying. This was an a capella take on the song and it left me speechless. It was both entrancing and hypnotic. The vocals were truly outstanding and Harvieu delivered every single note ease. “Thankyou so much for coming, I really appreciate it” Ren said before closing what had been a stellar night with Open Up Your Arms. This song was extremely upbeat


Walking In The Rain
Twist The Knife
For You
Wicked Game
Forever In Blue
Through The Night
Open Up Your Arms

OVERALL: This night was a slice of perfection. Judging by what had been sung I can tell Ren Harvieu has something extremely special. She is someone worth keeping your eye on as she has the potential to be massive. Ren may of not charted in the top 5 in the Sound Of 2012 but based on what was sung I can tell she has a long career in front of her. I look forward to seeing her play live again as her genre of music suited me down to a T. I’m so glad Harvieu is on the way to recovery because it would of been a right tragedy if she had given up.

The countdown to the Bush Hall gig starts now.


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