I Blame Coco @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 14th February 2012

It had been over a year since I Blame Coco performed in the UK. The last time Coco Sumner was in the UK was the Brighton date of her UK Tour November 2010. So as soon as the special guest was revealed to be Coco I jumped at the chance to attend something which was truly remarkable. Hoxton Bar and Kitchen may not be my ideal venue (due to doors always opening late) but I must admit they do get some extremely good bands/ artists playing there. It came as no surprise that doors did not open up on time but with the fact they were delayed by an hour. Sumner who was due to take the stage at 10.30pm came on at 11.05pm instead. This evening showcased brand new material which will no doubt feature on the sophomore album. Coco made her entrance looking rather dapper in a blue suit. Things kicked off with the outstanding Drew The Line. Other than Sumner singing the majority of the song her keyboard player also had a couple of lines. This steady paced song was extremely laid back and went down well with the crowd. “Happy Valentines Day” Coco said before launching into another brand new song. This being the infectious and upbeat Come Friday. Now I really liked this song and I hope it does feature on the follow up album. “Those are new songs by the way, thankyou for listening to to them” Sumner said before singing The Constant which was taken from the album of the same name. I had never heard this song played live and there was plenty of energy put into it. “How you all feeling? That’s good, you seem pretty chirpy. This is a slow one now, for all the Valentines” Coco said before singing Ribbon. This chilled out song was delivered at a slow pace. Ribbon was an outstanding song with luscious lyrics which were gentle on the ear. It was then straight into The Test which was the final new song to be sung on the night. To begin with there was a introduction on the keyboard then the drum beat came in later. The Test was another gentle number which went down well with the crowd. “This is our last song now, thankyou for coming” Sumner said before the rather powerful Please Rewind. This song had an extremely infectious chorus which cranked up the crowds energy another notch.


Drew The Line
Come Friday
The Constant
The Test
Please Rewind

OVERALL: This was one incredible night despite the delay with the doors opening. It was a shame that Coco lost the audience a little but this could be down to the fact it had gone past 11 and the headline set had not even started. As for the new songs only one word can be used to describe them and that is WOW!!!. It may have been over a year since Coco last performed in the UK but the new songs have exactly the same feel to them compared to tracks from début album The Constant. I look forward to getting my hands on the brand new album.


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