Yasmin @ The Borderline 5th February 2012

Due to the snow the evening before I decided to leave for The Borderline slightly earlier than expected. I was putting into consideration the fact that the trains could be delayed. My train ride turned out to be rather smooth and I was outside the venue at 4.30pm. I reckon the two girls that were in front of me had exactly the same idea. Once the doors opened I made my way down the stairs and made my way right to the front. There were two support acts on the night. These being Citizen and Sway. I hadn’t heard material from neither acts prior to the gig but I was really impressed. Citizen were a nice duo to get the audience warmed up while Sway was rather talented. I find something mezmerising when you see someone rap right up close.

“What’s Up?” Yasmin said as soon as she came onto the stage while wearing a fluffy white coat and a hat. The set kicked off with début single On My Own. This was a mixture of Pop and R&B which went down a treat with the crowd. “Wow it’s packed in here, sorry it was snowing so I dressed appropriately for the weather. This next track is a track I made with a very impressive man called Labrinth” Yasmin said before getting stuck into Told You So. This was a nice smooth song with infectious lyrics. “Has everyone had a good night so far? Do you guys want to hear some brand new music?” Yasmin said before launching into I Love The Way that she did with MJ Cole. This song showed a lot of promise and had an up tempo danceable vibe to it. After hearing this song I am really anticipating the début album. “How many of you guys have heard of a guy called Devlin? Well me and him did a song about over a year ago now called Runaway. So you all know the chorus of Runaway then well I’m going to need your help. This is my version of Runaway. After we made that song I felt like I had a lot to say on the subject. So that’s what I did” Yasmin said before launching into Runaway Part 2. The thing I most adored was the fact this song was played acoustically. This made the song ever so beautiful and mellowing as well. Just like Yasmin suggested everyone joined in with singing the chorus. “Does anyone in here have a ex boyfriend or ex girl friend whose such a d*ckhead” Yasmin then said before launching into the acoustic 5 Minutes. Again it was delivered acoustically and its lyrics were clear cut. I liked the fact it was mellowing and was beautiful but was full of hatred when there was emphasis on the f**k you. It was then straight into the Labrinth produced Finish Line. This break up song was a mixture of Dance and Pop. Safe was next and it was a rather interesting song. I look forward to hearing the studio version. “This has been so much fun, This is the biggest gig that I have ever done” Yasmin said before launching into another brand new track and this being the fun Take It Back. She was spot on this was a danceable track which had infectious lyrics that fitted to the up tempo melody perfectly. “So I’ve been very lucky to work with an amazing guy called Shy FX whose an absolute legend. I’m going to pay a little tribute to him” Yasmin said before delivering her take on Shake Your Body. This song was rather pacey and Yasmin did the original justice. “This has been a wicked gig my best so far I’m going to say. I’ve got one more song to do so as long it doesn’t all go wrong from there we’re good” Yasmin said before ending the night with the latest single and this being Light Up (The World). There was a reggae vibe to this song and the chorus was extremely catchy.


On My Own
Told You So
I Love The Way
5 Minutes
Finish Line
Take It Back
Shake Your Body
Light Up (The World)

OVERALL: All in all this was an excellent night which featured some wonderful acts. I definitely want to see Yasmin live again plus I can’t wait to get my hands on that début album.


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