Florrie @ Barfly 4th February 2012

This was set to be a fantastic night as you had Florrie headlining the evening. The weather forecast had predicted that snow was on its way. When I left mine it was OK but when I got into London that is when the snow started. Luckily the doors to the Barfly were opened so I went inside and just waited by the door to the upstairs venue. As usual they didn’t open on time and when they did everyone started to filter into the venue. Things kicked off with Shake Tiger Shake who were actually pretty good. I definitely will check them out again.

Just past 8.30pm Hannah Clark and her band took to the stage. I was honestly getting the sense of deja vu after having witnessed her play at the same venue 5 days earlier. Foe impressed me immensely last time I saw her and this resulted me relishing seeing her live again. This was another dose of Punkish Pop and Hannah’s hair was still slightly blue for this special occasion. Even though this was exactly the same set Foe still had the ability to blow me away. The set kicked off with the upbeat Genie In A Coke Can. Even though this song features on Bad Dream Hotline it also appeared on the Hot New Trash EP. This song was belted out powerfully and I loved the songs middle 8. After a short interlude it was then onto the fantastic iTunes only song One Man Down which oozed plenty of energy. Another interlude followed on then it was straight into the infectious Mother May I? This song was extremely upbeat and the lyrics were superb. The song itself was delivered with plenty of passion. “Thanks for coming on this cold snowy night, yeah it’s snowing. My name is Foe, Nice to meet you” Hannah said to the intimate audience before going into Ode To Janey Lou. This was a steady paced grungy song which had extremely clever lyrics. Once over there was yet another interlude which led into A Handsome Stranger Called Death. At first the song was gentle as Hannah was playing her keyboard then the drums kicked in, then the song became rather powerful. “Thankyou” Clark said to the audience before launching into my favourite song from the album and this being The Black Lodge. The lyrics to this song were fantastic, infectious and rather pacey. I my eyes I see this as a contender to be the 2nd single taken from Bad Dream Hotline. “This next song is called Cold Hard Rock” Hannah said to the audience before launching into the song. Cold Hard Rock was the debut single by Foe on her label Vertigo. This song may be slightly dark but it had fantastic lyrics. “Thankyou very much, We got one more song” Clark then mentioned to the audience before launching into Tyrant Song. Even though this song features on Bad Dream Hotline it also made an appearance on EP Hot New Trash. There was a ferocious pace to this song and the lyrics were luscious. The one lyric that stood out was “Are you ready for the next big thing?”. Even though this was the 2nd time seeing Foe live, Hannah Clark has become a firm favourite of mine. I reckon I have seen the next big thing and I will be majorly disappointed if she does not headline her own HMV event next year (that’s HMV is still in business).


Genie In A Coke Can
One Man Down
Mother May I
Ode To Janey Lou
A Handsome Stranger Called Death
The Black Lodge
Cold Hard Rock
Tyrant Song

It had been almost a year since I last saw Florence Arnold aka Florrie play. This time she played an outstanding 11 song set at the intimate Camden Barfly. This set featured songs from both the Introduction and Experiments EP plus a couple of tracks which don’t feature on these releases. Just after 9.30 Florrie took to the stage and launched into the infectious Left Too Late. She was on the guitar for this powerful song and they sailed through it at ease. “The next track I’m going to play is Begging Me” Arnold said after playing the said track. Begging Me which is taken from the new EP Experiments has already clocked up 300k views on Youtube. This song was very Pop and had some wonderful hooks. It was then straight into I Took A Little Something. It was a rather energetic performance by Florrie as she was dancing and moving about to this song. The song was delivered superbly and Arnold’s vocals were outstanding. After pausing for breath and a sip of water it was then into another new one and this being the contagious Experimenting With Rugs. This was a melancholic, delicate song and Florrie’s vocals were superb. It was then onto Summer Nights. Now this song was incredible from the very start. It was upbeat and it is one you could have a good boogie to. After all the applause it was then onto Give Me Your Love. I adored its lyrics, one being “Forget my name” well am positive we wont forget Florrie’s name. The wonderful She Always Gets What She Wants followed on straight after. “OK, we’ll go slower now” Arnold said as soon as the drumbeat started for What You Doing This For? This was one fantastic mid-tempo. This song had been slowed down a lot compared to the others that featured during the night. I also found this song to be rather laid back. “How you doing? The next track I’m gonna play is a new one” Florrie said before launching into Without A Trace. This song had some wonderful catchy lyrics that fitted with the melody perfectly. It was then onto another new track and this being the smooth Go. This steady paced song had an Electro feel and had a catchy chorus. Ending the night was Call 911 which was a powerful song and it was excellent. At the very start Arnold rapped, then as the song progressed it increased in tempo.


Left Too Late
Begging Me
Took A Little Something
Experimenting With Rugs
Summer Nights
Give Me Your Love
She Always Gets What She Wants
What You Doing This For
Without A Trace
Call 911

OVERALL: This was a brilliant night at the Barfly. What I have learnt is the fact Florrie is a powerhouse and perfectionist. She put every ounce of energy into each song which resulted in the packed audience dancing away to every song played. Arnold deserves as much success as possible because I for one think she is excellent.

Foe was simply incredible a talent well worth looking out for. The banter was kept to a minimum but that was due to the fact Hannah wanted to cram 8 songs into her 30 minute support slot. Unfortunately Get Money wasn’t performed.

As for Shake Tiger Shake they were an interesting band who I plan to see again. The songs that featured during their set were superb.


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