Foe @ Barfly 30th January 2012

The intimate Camden Barfly was the setting for this extraordinary evening. This was the first time I had seen Hannah Clark a.k.a Foe perform live. I was rather relishing it as the tracks I have heard from her début album Bad Dream Hotline have been superb. Ticketweb picked her out as someone to look out for in 2012. They said she was like the new Lady Gaga and how wrong were they. With an album, EP and a single under her belt it came as a surprise that the set lasted a little under 40 minutes. The genre of the music was Punkish Pop and you could feel the intensity of each song which was played. “Hello Everyone” Clark said to the audience before launching into the upbeat Genie In A Coke Can. This was one passionate performance and it oozed plenty of energy. Once over it was then into the iTunes only song One Man Down. It should of made the final album cut as I enjoyed this brilliant song. “Thankyou very much” Clark said after the song received plenty of applause. It was then onto Mother May I? Now this song was rather infectious and had to be my highlight of the night. “Thankyou so much for coming, So this is the last gig of our tour it’s nice to be in London. This is a really nice way to end” Hannah said to the intimate audience before going into Ode To Janey Lou. This was a steady paced grungy song which had extremely clever lyrics. “Thankyou” Clark said to the audience as the song received plenty of applause. A Handsome Stranger Called Death was rather interesting as it opened up with a backing track of people talking. At first the song was gentle while Hannah was playing her keyboard then the drums kicked in, it then gained plenty of power and a frantic pace. “I just would like to thank anyone that’s bought the album. This song is called The Black Lodge”. I found The Black Lodge to be rather upbeat and it had fantastic lyrics. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song is the 2nd single taken from Bad Dream Hotline. It was then into the debut single by Foe. This being Cold Hard Rock which was released on Vertigo. This song was packed with a punch and I found the lyrics to be slightly dark. Get Money followed straight on and the beat to this song was simply infectious. “This is the last one now. Thankyou so much for coming” Clark said before launching into the ferocious Tyrant Song. The one lyric that stands out in this song was “Are you ready for the next big thing?”. Judging by tonight I think we have found it and we will be hearing plenty more from Foe in 2012.


Genie In A Coke Can
One Man Down
Mother May I?
Ode To Janey Lou
A Handsome Stranger Called Death
The Black Lodge
Cold Hard Rock
Get Money
Tyrant Song

OVERALL: Based on what was performed tonight I can tell you things are looking extremely bright for Foe. Already signed to Vertigo Hannah Clark has already released début album Bad Dream Hotline and the lead single being Cold Hard Rock. I would have to say this album is simply incredible and has to be one of my favourites so far. Foe are completely different live compared to what you hear on the record. I found that each track Hannah delivered it with such passion and intensity. The only negative that I can say is that the set was too short. People were hanging around hoping for an encore which never did come.

As for the support, Fever Fever were an incredible band whom I definitely will be keeping tabs on.


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  1. A fine review! Black lodge possibly the 2nd single.

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