Moya – The Acoustic EP

13th February 2012 sees the release of The Acoustic EP by 20 year old Brighton based Moya. I have had a listen to this forthcoming release. I must say each of the 4 tracks featured are stunning and it wets your appetite for the debut album which is set to be released this May.

This EP follows hot on the heels of her acclaimed debut single Telling Tales. Featured on this release are 2 cover versions and 2 original tracks. One of these covers being as stunning interpretation of the Primal Scream classic I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have. Moya’s version was recorded at Perry Vale studios, by Pat Collier, who coincidentally also mixed the original song for Primal Scream. When it came to picking the lead cover song, Moya was torn between this and one other, Depeche Mode’s Somebody. “I’d been looking for classic songs that I could put my own stamp on,” says Moya. “I got it down to my two favourites and it was a close decision, but when we started rehearsing, I felt a real connection to ‘I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have.’ It has a beautiful soul feel that I knew I could run with.”

The Acoustic EP kicks off with the Primal Scream cover I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Know. This is a piano driven ballad and Moya’s unique interpretation of this song is simply stunning. Heroine is the next track to feature and this song being an outstanding original. Again it is another piano driven ballad and this is down to the fact there was a grand piano at Perry Vale (where the song was recorded). Heroine showcases off Moya’s spine tingling vocals and brilliant song writing ability.

The latter 2 songs were recorded live at The Bedford, Balham. On My Own is a beautiful original. This song was co-written with Swedish writer, Alexander Holmgren. Again I must comment on the vocals I found them to be rather breath taking. If this is was Moya sounds like live then attending any future shows is a definite must. The final track is a take on John Martyn’s timeless Don’t Want To Know  and is backed by the guitar of Brother & Bones’ Richard Thomas. All in all Moya is incredible singer/ songwriter who can go far in the music industry. She is definitely someone to keep your eye on and if you ever get the chance see her live. As for the 4 track EP I was rather impressed . Each of the songs are beautiful ballads and extremely gentle. Plus acoustic music is something I adore which makes this one brilliant EP.


I’m Losing More Than I’ll Ever Have
On My Own
Don’t Want To Know

The Acoustic EP will be available on a strictly limited CD and available exclusively through Moya’s website and at her live shows.

Catch her live at:

31/01//12 – The Haunt, Brighton ( With The Bobby McGees in association with Juice FM)
06/02/12 – The Bedford


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