Christina Perri @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 18th January 2012

Christina Perri is a highly talented American singer/ songwriter who looks certain to conquer the UK. The lovestrong tour had hit the UK shores. After having missed out on the Monto Water Rats show last year made me anticipate seeing her live even more. The date on the tour I opted on was the Shepherd’s Bush Empire gig. It was Jar Of Hearts that propelled Christina into the limelight. Even though it was released in the US in 2010 the UK got the song a year later. It peaked at #4 and what a beautiful ballad it was. What made Christina come to my attention was the fact I had heard Jar Of Hearts sung by Rachel Berry (Lea Michelle) in the Glee episode Prom Queen. So after hearing that one song I did research which led me to the talented Christina Perri. With this being the lovestrong tour it came as no surprise that the material sung on the night came from that début album.


“Hi London” Perri said once she took to the stage. Opening up the evening was Black And Blue. This song featured on the deluxe version of the album. She put so much into this song. Christina just belted it out. After it was onto Bang Bang Bang. This song has an extremely powerful chorus and was extremely upbeat as well. Towards the end everyone joined in by singing along to the powerful chorus. “This next song I actually wrote here in this beautiful country, it birthed 2 years ago” Christina said before revealing that she wrote Daydream with James Walsh (Starsailor). I found this song to be rather smooth and unfortunately it does not feature on lovestrong. “This is so crazy that we’re here right now. Are you guys having fun?” Perri said to the crowd which resulted in plenty of cheers. “This next song, sing with me if you know it. This song I wrote about being in love with someone and not being able to tell them” she then said before launching into Distance. Christina had put the guitar down and just sang this beautiful song making full use of the stage. This actually made the performance slightly more intimate for the people that were at the barrier. Quite a lot of people decided to sing along.

 Once over it was then onto A Thousand Years which appeared on the Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack. This was a slow paced ballad which was delivered to perfection. I found it to be rather beautiful. “This next song is actually really kinda special to me. It started as a poem. I wrote a poem one night coz I didn’t have any instruments. So I just wrote it down and sat down at the piano the next day and I just played it and sang it at the same time. This is exactly the way it came out no lies. Swear to God” Christina said before playing My Eyes. She also revealed that this song had never been performed live. Perri had taken to the keyboard for this stunning song. “You guys wanna sing a little bit with me now? OK so this next song is one of my favourite songs of all time and I’ve been known to cover it sometimes but I’ve got the cool band with me now. We made a little version of it for you guys and I hope you’ll sing along” Perri said before tackling a take on the Roy Orbison cover Crying. This song showed that she is one incredible talent. Christina sang this song perfectly and she definitely did justice to this amazing song.

“I’m so excited right now, this is a brand, brand, brand, brand, brand, brand, brand new song that’s never been recorded anywhere” Christina said before launching into Crazy. This was a steady paced tune and it sounds so different when you compare it to anything from lovestrong. “This next song I wrote actually a couple of years ago I remember exactly. I was really really bummed out and I just moved to LA and I just really got through the wrong doors. Do you know what it’s like when you’re chasing a dream but when you are just trying to be with someone you love. For me I was 21 and I was just really making a mess of things and I just thought it was just me and that I was alone in this. So I wrote a song about it and it’s a song about knowing it’s totally OK to learn slowly and to find your footing in your own time” she said before Sad Song. Like Distance this song had a sense of intimacy. Christina just sat on the edge of the stage singing this wonderful acoustic ballad. At the very end the drums kicked in and the song gathered pace. “So then after I was really sad. I got really sad again I’m just kidding. This next song, I changed the meaning completely. I changed my mind about this song being a bummer and instead I decided that when I was single a year ago I had this thing about being alone and how it sucks and it doesn’t. Sometimes though people like to feel like their not alone. So what I did I decided I was dating loneliness and that I knew that loneliness into my boyfriend. I decided that this song is really about being OK with being alone and when your not with somebody you can still find comfort” Perri said before getting stuck into The Lonely. Again this was another beautiful ballad which was delivered powerfully.

 The penultimate song on the night was Bluebird. Christina took to the keyboard for this emotional ballad. This song had a slow pace and was delivered strongly. “Who’s ready to jump up and down. We’re about to have some fun now” Christina said before ending the set with furious paced Mine. Once over they left the stage only for Perri to return moments later for the encore. “This is just me and you. It’s a song that completely changed my life, well it didn’t start that way. But there was something special about it with you guys and you connected. I’m so honoured to play it for you. Now it’s our song it’s not just my song” Perri said before launching in the beautiful ballad Jar Of Hearts. This song was again played on the piano and resulted in a huge sing along. Jar Of Hearts was delivered beautifully and I reckon it is the perfect ballad that you can’t help but fall in love with. Following on was Tragedy. This song showed off her extremely solid vocal range. “OK, well again this is one of those magical moments of my life so thankyou for sharing it with me and for coming” Christina said before ending the night with the beautiful Arms.


Black And Blue
Bang Bang Bang
A Thousand Years
My Eyes
Sad Song
The Lonely


Jar Of Hearts

OVERALL: This was one fantastic gig. Christina was on form and I was captivated from the very start of the set till the very end. After hearing Crazy I fully anticipate the next LP. Support was provided by Jack Martello and Marcus Foster. I actually thought both support acts were tremendous but it was Martello whom impressed me the most.

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