The Glass Child @ The Bedford 17th January 2012

The Glass Child are a band that I really adore. Swede Charlotte Eriksson is the lead vocalist in this band and the genre of music that they sung is Pop/ Rock. Last December the 2nd EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made was released and currently I have it on repeat. When I saw that Charlotte was due to play at The Bedford I cancelled all plans just to attend what was to be one incredible evening. Support was provided by Marc Otway and Jamie Abbott. I’d seen Jamie live before but this evening was all about The Glass Child. At 10pm the band took to the stage and opened up with Tell The World. This song saw Charlotte telling the world that she is still alive. The song had a rampant powerful chorus and plenty of energy flowed from it. Eriksson put everything into this powerful song. As I mentioned in a previous post about The Glass Child there were traces of Hayley Williams/ Paramore. I truly think that Tell The World was the perfect song to open up with. After plenty of applause it was then onto Insanity. “If you know the song you’re very welcome to sing it with me” Charlotte said before launching into this fantastic song. The vocals were spot on. Insanity started off at a steady pace but as soon as she reached the chorus the song became more powerful and it became rather pacey. Insanity reminded me of Addicted by Kelly Clarkson. “Thankyou all of you for being here. My name is Charlotte and we’re The Glass Child and I just released a new EP” Eriksson said before launching into old song I’m Hidden So Well. This was the first time I had heard this song at all and I really liked it. The Alternative Rock vibe is still there and the chorus was extremely powerful. “In September last year I released a Charity Single for Cancer organisation in Sweden to support young victims of the disease” Charlotte said before launching into I Will Lead You Home. I found this song to be rather beautiful and Eriksson was sitting down on a chair playing an acoustic guitar. This song was soft and extremely soothing.

“Last year I went to New York for the first time to play my first show in the States. When I was there I did my first show and went to the hotel and wrote this song” Charlotte said before launching into brand new song Letdown. This was one fantastic acoustic song. I really liked this track even though the lyrics weren’t happy ones. You picked up on the feeling of not being good enough and not wanting to be a letdown. I look forward to hearing a studio version of this song. The gentle Hypnic Jerk was the penultimate song on the night. Charlotte’s vocals were faultless and this is the only ballad that features on the new EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made. There was a tinge of sadness to this song. The night came to a close with Best Part Of Me. “It’s about when I moved here” she then went onto say before launching into this infectious song. This was one incredible powerful Pop/ Rock song. Once over The Glass Child left the stage so Candice Casagrande could sing her very own song Thru The Red Sea. I found this song to be rather gentle and spine tingling at the same time.


Tell The World
I’m Hidden So Well
I Will Lead You Home
Hypnic Jerk
Best Part Of Me
Thru The Red Sea

OVERALL: I found this to be one amazing night headlined by a band who can go places. It may have been my first time seeing them live but I know for definite it won’t be the last.


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