Anja McCloskey @ The Slaughtered Lamb 16th January 2012

This night was the launch of Anja’s single A Kiss. I hadn’t witnessed her live before so most of the material on the night I was hearing for the first time. The set played consisted of the singles, 2 old songs and the rest were new tracks. “Hello everyone again, As you’d probably noticed I’m really bad at announcements. So all I’m going to say is my name is Anja McCloskey and this is my band” she said before launching into Instigate It. This song was taken from the Turn Turn Turn EP. I liked this Folkish track and I especially liked the use of the accordion. It was then onto a brand new song this being The Italian Song which was about having heat stroke in Italy. Another new song followed and this being Tornado which showed a lot of promise. Buddenbrooks was next on the night and Anja showed off her impressive keyboard playing skills. This was a steady paced song which was delivered to perfection. Sunset No 73 was the song which followed on and again it was played on the keyboard. I actually found this song to be rather beautiful. “We’re going to do a quiet song now, the last time we played this the chorus is a bit louder than the verses so people think they’re safe to talk again” Anja said before launching into the B Side to A Kiss and this being Black Coffee. Once over it was onto a really old song and this being Henry Lives. Even though this was a new song for the band they got through this song with no problems whatsoever. It was then onto a brand new up tempo song and this being Paris Song. There was plenty of accordion use during this track. Anja’s vocals were extremely strong and this song felt rather jolly. It was then onto the first single And Her Head. This song featured multiple instruments (violin, accordion and acoustic and electric guitars) plus Anja’s striking vocals. It was inspired by a tragic event in her grandfather’s life. “The reason that we’re here is because today we’ve released our new single” McCloskey said before launching into the wonderful single A Kiss.


 Instigate It
The Italian Song
Sunset No 73
Black Coffee
Henry Lives
Paris Song
And Her Head
A Kiss

 OVERALL: Reviewing a band when there is hardly any material out there is an incredible hard task. Yes Anja did sing the first two Sotones records And Her Head/ A Kiss plus Instigate It from the Turn Turn Turn EP. Other than that all of the material was brand new to me. What I had witnessed was fantastic. McCloskey’s vocals were really distinctive and I liked how she was multi talented by playing Keyboard, Glockenspiel and Accordion. I for one cannot wait to hear a full length LP and I most definitely will see her live again in the future. As for the genre of music I would place it in the Folk genre. Supporting on the night were Jessica Grace and Dana Immanuel. Both supports were fantastic but I really liked the style of Dana’s music.


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