Ones To Watch: The Glass Child

At the age of 19 Swedish born Charlotte Eriksson moved to London all on her own to give her life to music. She moved to London last year and Charlotte has already started her very own record label “Broken Glass Records”, produced and released her début EP May 2011, played at various venues in London and also she released follow up EP This Is How Ghosts Are Made last month.

I’m an organized mess. I can’t sleep at night. I believe in heaven and ghosts. I make mistakes and I mess up a lot. I’m having some trouble accepting myself and I’m afraid of not being good enough. I believe in the future, for I have seen yesterday, and I’m still alive . I laugh a lot, and I’m easily amused, but also easily bored, mostly with myself. I have trust issues and I remember every single word from conversations. I moved and left everything I had built for 19 years. I’ve spent a year in solitude, with my mind and my music. I learned how to build my home in my music. When I sing, I’m not scared anymore. I want this to mean something. I believe in writing your own story, and that’s what I’m doing here. I’m mostly insecure, but when I really want something I can find a way to get it. I turn everything into a battle because I love the sound of winning. This is my way of saying, I did not come here to lose. I’m a glass child. I’m still creepy little me. 

Last September Eriksson released I Will Lead You Home. This charity single was for the Swedish Cancer Organization Ung Cancer, to support young victims of the disease. The song was a success and reached # 2 on the Swedish iTunes Charts. I Will Lead You Home has also been played 50,000 times on Youtube.

So why should you give Charlotte Eriksson a listen to?? For starters she is extremely talented (she recorded and produced the 2nd EP all bar one track). Also the songs that Eriksson has under her belt are extremely infectious and there are some slight comparisons to Hayley Williams(Paramore).

Charlotte plays at The Bedford tonight. If you are in the Balham area check out this fantastic artist.

If you can’t make it the whole thing will be streamed live here:


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