Theme Park @ Madame JoJo’s 10th January 2012

Theme Park are a 4 piece band that have hotly been tipped for 2012. This group consist of Miles Haughton (vocals, guitar), Marcus Haughton (vocals, guitar), Louis Bhose (bass) and Oscar Manthorpe (guitar). Once it was confirmed that they were set to play at Madame JoJo’s I jumped at the chance to attend. I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and why they are hotly tipped for this year. Plus I am seeing them support Florence and the Machine in March so you could also call it a scouting mission. Just like Lana Del Rey the set performed by Theme Park was a little less than 30 minutes. Fair enough the debut album is not out yet and all they have got to their name are 4 songs which have appeared on both the singles. Only 7 songs were performed and there was no encore they were pure pop perfection. Things kicked off with one side to the debut AA side single and this being A Mountain We Love. This steady paced song was an extremely infectious song. “Hi guys, we’re called Theme Park it’s really good to be here” Miles said before launching into the current single Milk. Unlike the opener this track was extremely pacey and you can very easily have a dance to it. Once over it was straight into Jamaica. There was a folk vibe to this song and I was reminded of Noah and the Whale. There was no time for banter as they launched into the B Side to the Milk single and this being Ghosts. I could actually imagine a glitter ball while being being played at a disco. It was then onto an untitled song was next. I will call it Dreamin’. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song. It was then onto the first single released by the band last year this being Wax. I found this song to be rather sleek and smooth. “Thanks guys, We’re Theme Park” Miles said to the audience before ending with the infectious Two Hours.


A Mountain We Love
Two Hours

OVERALL: Judging by what was sung on the night Theme Park have proved why they have been hotly tipped for 2012. I for one am relishing the début album and seeing them support Florence in March. Support on the night came from NZCA/LINES and Cloud Beat. Out of the two supports NZCA/LINES were more to my liking.


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