The Wave Pictures @ The Lexington 6th January 2012

The Winter Sprinter ended with a headline set by The Wave Pictures. Support came from Rotifer and Evans The Death. Out of the two support acts Evans The Death impressed me the most. Around 10.10pm was when The Wave Pictures. The band consisted of David Tatterstall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny Helm. Even though I saw them support Laura Marling back in 2008 this was the first time I had witnessed them headlining. For those that haven’t seen or heard of The Wave Pictures I would place them in the Folk/ Rock genre. The short but sweet set consisted of 10 songs plus 2 encores. The new songs were brilliant and it was Spaghetti which stood out for me. The set by The Wave Pictures kicked off with the lovely Little Surprise which was taken from the current album Beer And The Breakers. I really liked this song it was really soft and there was strong Folk vibe to this song. “Thankyou very much, So we’re going to do a couple of old songs this evening” David said before launching into We Come Alive. Jonny Helm started off this song then David and Franic joined in. I really liked its laid back melody and the lyrics were fantastic. “We’re gonna go even further back into the mists of time now and do a song. This is kinda a silly song” David said before they launched into an unreleased gem from 1999. The song in question was This King Business. This was more like a rock song and the lyrics were slightly silly but all in all it was an amazing song. David even had an impressive guitar solo during this song. Next it was onto Eskimo Kiss which Jonny Helm sang. “You guys in the mood for singing along” David said before revealing he dislikes the audience sing along. “This is going to prove conclusively that the new songs are just as silly as the old songs” Tatterstall said before launching into brand spanking new song Seagulls. As for the song yes the lyrics were slightly silly but it worked. The fact everyone sang along to the You’ve Got A Lot Of Nerve part of the song showed that the new material will be brilliant. “Did you all have a nice Christmas? Jonny is readying himself to come and sing you a song” David said before Jonny came to the forefront to sing the wonderful Now You Are Pregnant. This song was amazing and everyone sang along to parts of this songs. I found this song to be rather sombre and Jonny could of easily sung it by himself without the aid of David and Franic. A brand new song followed on and this being the upbeat Spaghetti. This was a rip roaring number with infectious lyrics and it was by far my favourite song performed. I look forward to hearing the brand new album this coming March. It was then onto Avocado Baby and I really liked its chorus. Sweetheart was very spine tingling as David Tatterstall came to the edge of the stage to sing this wonderful song. The vocals were perfect and this performance was extremely special. “Thanks very much for coming out. We’ll see you soon” David said to the packed audience before launching into Give Me A Second Chance which Jonny Helm sang. Once over the band exit the stage only to turn back as everyone was cheering for more. Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens was the choice of an encore song and it was very fast in pace. Once over I then made my way to the back thinking that the set was over but the band came out for a second encore of Strange Fruit Or David.


Little Surprise
We Come Alive
This King Business
Eskimo Kiss
Now You Are Pregnant
Avocado Baby
Give Me A Second Chance


Stay Here And Take Care Of The Chickens


Strange Fruit Or David


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