Allo Darlin’ @ The Lexington 5th January 2012

The 2nd night of the Winter Sprinter had another stella line up. Performing on the night were Knickers, Moustache Of Insanity and headlining were Allo Darlin’. When I purchased a season ticket, Allo Darlin’ were one of the bands I wanted to witness live. I was aware of the name but hadn’t even listened to any material by them. Kicking things off were Knickers whom were an English band with a French lead vocalist. This was their first ever live performance and I really liked the songs which were sung. They will no doubt feature on the début EP which is released this coming April. The set ended with a unique take on Kylie Minogue’s Locomotion. I actually really liked the second band of the night this being the two piece Moustache Of Insanity. I would see them again because when they were on stage it looked like they were enjoying themselves. When a performance is fun made me like the set even more.

Headlining the night was Allo Darlin’ a 4 piece band. Elizabeth Morris and Bill Botting hail from Australia. While Michael Collins and Paul Rains hail from Kent. “Well I hope you found two new favourite bands today. Knickers and Moustache Of Insanity. Maybe you already knew them” Elizabeth Morris said to the packed audience. The headline slot kicked off with the fantastic Silver Dollars. Morris was on the ukulele for this fast paced song. It was then onto a brand new song and this being Darren which has was released last year. This track was about Darren Hayman and the lyrics tell a story about a budding relationship. “We have a new album that is coming out in April time. This is a song from that” Elizabeth said before the band launched into Neil Armstrong. I really liked this song. The opening lyric of this song was “I heard you say we didn’t put a man on the moon”. While this song was rather gentle I found it to be rather powerful in parts. Morris then calls up nervous Hannah who sang on the next two songs. “Hannah’s been a real sport coz I only asked her to do this, this morning and she hadn’t heard the song” Morris then said to the audience. This song being another newie and this being Capricornia which is the forthcoming single. Capricornia is actually the area of Queensland that Elizabeth Morris is from. They sailed through this song and the groups vocals were brilliant. Makes me look forward to having a copy of the forthcoming album. After Hannah told a joke about Arnold Schwarzenegger not getting any Easter eggs. Now Wonderland was a nice gentle song with some luscious lyrics. After a little tuning it was then onto Europe which is going to be the title of the 2nd album. The song itself starts of gentle and as soon as the guitar/ drums kick in it became rather upbeat and pacey. It was then onto Some People Say which I found rather mesmerising. This song was ever so beautiful and it was just Elizabeth Morris and her ukulele. The Polaroid Song was next on the night and this was a right crowd pleaser. “This next song we’re going to play is the first time we ever played it as a band. Not ever we have practised it but I’m not making excuses if it’s going to be bad” Morris said to the audience and this being The Letter. This song was amazing and it is a must for the forthcoming album. “Thankyou very much for coming” Morris said before launching into the final song of the night My Heart Is A Drummer. This song was delivered powerfully and oozed plenty of energy.


Silver Dollars
Neil Armstrong
Some People Say
The Polaroid Song
The Letter
My Heart Is A Drummer


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