The Singing Adams @ The Lexington 4th January 2012

I hadn’t attended a gig for just under two weeks. In all honesty I was getting withdrawal symptoms. As soon as I noticed there was a Winter Sprinter at The Lexington I then decided to snap up a ticket. Only two nights interested me but it worked out cheaper to purchase a season pass for all three nights. Headlining this night was The Singing Adams. Yes the set they played was brilliant but for me it was all about Laura J Martin whom was the second support act. The evening kicked off with The Werewandas. I really enjoyed Rockbilly music they sung. It was like Kitty, Daisy & Lewis meets The Langley Sisters. I’m definitely keeping tabs on this band. Second on the night was Laura J Martin and lets say her set way rather entrancing. DokiDoki opened up he short set and this was a musical introduction played on the Flute. This made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. “This next song is called The Lesson” Martin said before launching into The Lesson on her keyboard. This was perfectly song and her vocals were ever so sweet. “This next one should warm you up, it’s about an arsonist”. It opened up with the flute then Laura started to sing Fire Horse which I found to be one beautiful song. Tom was next and she showcased her mandolin playing skills. Plus there was use of the loop pedal. “Sometimes I like to pretend I’m James Bond” Martin said before launching into Spy. It started off with the flute then there was a heavy drumbeat. After the song was over there was plenty of applause. “This song is very hot off the press, so basically I could probably f**k up quite easily” Laura said before getting stuck into Sour Grapes. This song was rather upbeat and considering she mentioned that she could mess it up, Laura got through it without any noticeable errors. Salamander ended what was an incredible set.


The Lesson
Fire Horse
Sour Grapes

“Is there anyone here who for whom it is their second gig they’ve gone to this year” Steven Adams said to the audience before launching into The Old Days which was taken from the début album Everybody Friends Now. This was the first time I had seen The Singing Adams live. The band consisted of Steven Adams, Matthew Ashton, Michael Wood and Melinda Bronstein. I really enjoyed the mixture of new and old material. Steven used to be in The Broken Family Band and he also put out an album under the name The Singing Adams back in 2005. Matt’s also in The Leaf Library and Melinda’s also in Wet Paint. Only 11 songs featured in this terrific set and it actually left me wanting to hear more. My highlight of the set had to be the last song and this being Injured Party. This song was sung without the aid of a microphone and this was simply spine tingling. Also hearing St. Thomas was a real treat as this was taken from the Problems CD which was released in 2005. All in all the vocals were spot on and I definitely want to hear more from this band.


Good Luck
The Old Days
Move On
Building A Wall
Elisabeth Frink
See You Around
Crouch End Man
One Hand On The Wheel
I Need Your Mind
St. Thomas
Injured Party


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