Gabrielle Aplin – Home EP

Home is the brand new EP by pop-folk songstress Gabrielle Aplin and is released January 9th, on her own imprint Never Fade Records. I have seen Aplin a number of times and she is one incredible recording artist. If you like music in the Pop/Folk genre then she is someone you would immediately fall in love with. Gabrielle wrote this fantastic EP and it’s set to follow the success of the first two releases the ‘Acoustic’ EP and ‘Never Fade’, the latter having peaked at No.14 in the iTunes Chart.

Gabrielle has already made an impressive online imprint, amassing over 6.5 million plays on her YouTube channel and over 35,000 subscribers, as well as 22,000+ likes on Facebook and 7,000+ followers on Twitter. She played several festivals this summer, including Glastonbury and Secret Garden Party and has taken in three headline UK tours, with sold out shows in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Bath and London.  She tours the UK in March.

I have been lucky enough to get hold of an advance copy of this iTunes exclusive EP and each of the 5 tracks which feature are pure perfection. Prior to the first listen I had only heard 3 of the 5 live. The first song of the EP was the title track Home. I actually remember seeing Aplin perform this live September 2011 when supporting Charlie Simpson and it was only a week old. Still there was a strong Folk vibe to this song. I also adored its strong and beautiful lyrics. Keep Pushing Me started off with a short piano introduction then it became more rampant. The pace of the song felt as if it was a hoe-down. As for the lyrics well they are crystal clear and you can easily picture the story behind this song. Embellished with whistles and hand claps Out On My Own paid heed to that pivotal life changing moment – leaving home – and errs just on the right side of sentimental. Penultimate track Romeo Must Die is a break up song and like Keep Pushing Me you can picture what is happening in the song. The finale of this EP is the beautiful Let Me In which was delivered superbly. This song is one incredible soft/ gentle piano ballad.


Keep Pushing Me
Out On My Own
Romeo Must Die
Let Me In

To pre order this EP go to:


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