Gig Of The Month: #21 Robbie Williams @ Roundhouse 20th October 2009

Back in 2009 I attended the Electric Proms gig which was being headlined by the one and only Robbie Williams. Tickets to this event sold out like hot cakes. I was actually stunned I was one of those lucky 2000 to get a ticket. If I remember correctly there were articles saying it sold out within seconds but it took me a matter of 20 minutes getting one. As it was going through the one server it was no surprise to be placed in a queue. Still I was successful and this was one gig I was anticipating at the time. This was Robbie’s comeback show after 3 years and in fact it has been his only solo show to date. The Roundhouse was an extremely intimate venue and just seeing Williams perform here was something really special.

Tickets for this gig were going for crazy prices on Ebay then the BBC decided to email everyone to say that all holders would exchange their ticket for a wristband and they would need to show both ID and the card that they paid with. Thinking about it I feel sorry for anyone that buys something off the secondary market. You always run that risk of something like that happening. So the day arrived and I remember I turned up an hour before you could collect wristbands. By this time there were around 70ish people in front of me. When inside I managed to secure second row in front of Robbie’s mic.

All in all this was an amazing night. This evening was a preview of new material which would appear on Reality Killed The Video Star. Robbie also sang the classics as well such as No Regrets and Williams mentioned about his reconciliation with Garry Barlow. Plus the cover of The Buggles Video Killed The Radio Star which was amazing.


Morning Sun
Come Undone
I Will Talk And Hollywood Will Listen
Supreme/ Rock DJ
No Regrets
Won’t Do That
You Know Me


Millennium/ Rudebox
Video Killed The Radio Star


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