Slow Club @ Union Chapel 19th December 2011

The Slow Club Christmas show has become an annual tradition since its inception in 2008. This is actually one of my highlights every year. I have attended all 4 and both Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson have gotten better every single year. I arrived at the chapel at 2.30pm and in all honesty I did misjudge when to arrive. It was bitterly cold and all I had to accompany me was my iPod. So to while down the hours I listened to the whole Slow Club discography while pacing up and down to make myself warm. The doors opened at 7 and I made my way inside and grabbed a pew. The Union Chapel is known for having a lack of heating but in fact it was really warm inside. Supporting on the night was H Hawkline and Psychologist. Out of these two support acts I was rather impressed by Psychologist. Ashame the set was really short as I would have loved to have heard more. Slow Club were due on stage at 9.05pm and I was really looking forward to the set. Coming on stage 10 minutes early both Charles and Rebecca launched into an a capella version of Pulp’s Disco 2000. 2011 was all about Pulp and it was pretty clever to open up with this number. Their very own take on this classic song sent shivers up my spine and the acoustics of this venue were superb. If We’re Still Alive was up next. This song packed a punch and this infectious song was extremely up-tempo. You could feel plenty of energy oozing from it. “Is everybody OK, Thanks for buying our tickets a few months ago” Rebecca then said to the sold out Union Chapel. Never Look Back followed on. This was a nice laid back song which got stronger as the song progresses. The tempo started off slow but picked up.

“We’re gonna do a sneaky peak of the EP we’re going to do next year. I would love to say coming out in January 5th or something but we have not got our sh*t together” Taylor said before launching into the hypnotic Only If You’re Certain. This luscious song was a Rebecca solo. I found it to be very entrancing and the harmonising by Charles was superb. I found it rather beautiful at the same time and it made the thought of a new EP even more mouth watering. After the audience were then spoilt with another new song and this being Everything Is New. Charles took the lead for this song with Rebecca harmonising. This song was delivered at a steady pace and had some brilliant lyrics. It was then onto my favourite song from Paradise (It’s also Rebecca’s favourite as well) and this being Beginners. The majority of this song was sung by Taylor. I found it to be extremely was up-tempo, upbeat and highly infectious.  “Whose got a screen print yet?” Charles said to the audience. “Guys this is a bone of contention. I didn’t think no one would buy it so prove me wrong” Taylor then said to the audience. It was then onto the mellowing Hackney Marsh which was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca harmonising. Steven Black’s sax solo was amazing. “As soon as he sees the limelight he gets all fruity” Watson said referring to Steve’s sax solo. Horses Jumping followed on. Charles sung the majority of this song with Rebecca harmonising towards the end. This was a gentle song and quiet at the same time. After it was straight into  the current single Where I’m Waking.  The verses were shared between Charles and Rebecca. This song was extremely infectious and oozed plenty of energy. You, Earth Or Ash was up next and it was mainly sung by Taylor. This song was so beautiful and powerful. She has the vocal capability of singing the Union Chapel without the aid of a microphone.

Next it was onto Two Cousins. “Avvon Chambers everybody” Charles said to the audience as he pressed the wrong button with his drumstick. “It’s so good we’re not a serious band” Watson then said. “I wanna be a serious band. One day we’ll be a bloody serious band Charles. I think it’s our PMA that’s affecting our band. Me and you need to believe in being the next Kings Of Leon. When we believe that it will come. And until then press the right bloody button” Taylor then said in response to what Charles had said. I found Two Cousins to be rather upbeat and it’s chorus was rather infectious. It captivated me from the very start. The penultimate song on the night was the wonderful Gold Mountain. Charles mainly sung this song with Rebecca adding the harmonies. Gold Mountain was slow paced and it was extremely beautiful. “We think we’ll do this every year, The Union Chapel let us do it because they feel bad for us” Rebecca then went onto say before urging everyone to stand up for the last song . The evening ended with the rip roaring Giving Up On Love. This song was highly infectious and up-tempo with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There was also loads of energy which oozed from this. Once over the band left the stage to a rapture of applause and moments later they returned for the Christmas part of the show. “You should stay stood up” Charles said to the audience as many decided to sit down. It was then onto Charles’s All Alone On Christmas which did gain a few sympathetic awwwwws. The song itself is slightly sad as it tells the story of being alone at Christmas and not having the one you love with you.  It was then onto Christmas And Your Boring Me which Rebecca described as being “The most horrible song ever”. She can easily make a depressing song beautiful/ entrancing. “Thanks for everyone for coming tonight, We have had a really wild year so far” Watson said before going to thank Moshi Moshi. “The day we play the Union Chapel and it isn’t shambolic will be the day we don’t do it again” Taylor said as they were taking time to tune up for the next song. “Guitar lessons with Slow Club” Watson then said to the audience. “I am so Phoebe I am known as the normal guy and there’s the other guy” Rebecca said before they were ready to perform Christmas TV. This was a strong song and lyrics were fantastic. I remember back in 2009 when they changed the It’s Brutal line to It’s Rudolph during The Enterprise show. At the very end every one was chanting along to the line “Just come on home” plus there was plenty of clapping along. “Thanks a lot this really is it we’re not going to do anymore. Merry Christmas. This is a song made famous by Michael Buble”. This song being Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) and they had plenty of fun when singing this jolly song. Everyone went crazy and danced about to this fantastic Christmas tune.


Disco 2000
If We’re Still Alive
Never Look Back
Only If You’re Certain
Everything Is New
Hackney Marsh
Horses Jumping
Where I’m Waking
You, Earth Or Ash
Two Cousins
Gold Mountain
Giving Up On Love


All Alone On Christmas
Christmas Thanks For Nothing
Christmas TV
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

OVERALL: As always the Slow Club Christmas Show was a fun filled festive evening. Definitely the perfect way to end an incredible year. I had an enjoyable time and I will be at the Union Chapel for the 5th Xmas show in 2012. The forthcoming EP is coming out sometime next year and with the sneaky peaks tonight that EP will be brilliant.


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