Kate Nash @ Colonel Fawcett 18th December 2011

I had only heard about this intimate gig at the beginning of December. The fact Kate Nash was playing in an intimate venue made it a must. When the tickets went on sale I was already at a gig and when I got home I snapped one up straight away. Only 80 tickets went on sale and I was pretty excited to see Nash play live again this year. The doors to the upstairs space opened at 8pm and there was no stage whatsoever. It was a bit like The Slaughtered Lamb minus all the sofas and chairs. Support came from Hyperpotamus who was extremely unique as he used no instruments. He just used his own vocals and a loop pedal. Second on the night was Hectic whom I have seen quite a few times before. Hectic is an extremely talented beat boxer who has what it takes to go really far. The last support act of the night being two piece Shuga. I really took to their music and this was the 2nd time I had seen them perform live. I definitely would like to be at the next one. It was just after 10pm when the main act took to the stage. “OK I’m playing some new songs tonight, and I don’t care if you like them” Nash said before treating the intimate audience with brand new song Friend. I really liked this song, even though Kate’s Female band consisted of 2 guitarists and 1 drummer Friend was not at all overpowering. This song was very up tempo and it reminded me of I Just Love You More but less punky. It was a fantastic opener and I look forward to hearing the mastered version. “Thankyou, None of them really have names at the moment, Very early stages” Kate said to the audience after the song got plenty of applause.

It was then onto punky I Just Love You More. There were plenty of screamos during this song and lyrically the main line throughout this song was I Just Love You More. “Hands up who likes music, Hands up who likes stuff that is good” Nash said resulting in a lot of people raising their hands. “So basically you all hate X Factor”. What followed was Kate’s rant about the X Factor and to be honest what she said was right. I remember before X Factor started the race for Christmas #1 was exciting and now The X Factor has flooded the market. “X Factor is so sh*t and annoying, I hate it and you should download f**king Nirvana because they should get to #1 instead of some stupid manufactured cooperation that’s like destroying the music industry”. The next song of the evening was Kiss That Grrrl. This lovely infectious pop song was rather pacey. I actually found it to be rather upbeat as well. “The great thing about this venue is you can turn around and check your chin for lipstick” Kate said referring to the massive mirror that was behind her. It was then onto another new song and this being Sweetheart/ Once. I found this number to be rather gentle and there were some lovely lyrics. The middle eight where Kate said the line “Sweetheart Of Mine” sent shivers up my spine. This was one fantastic song and I expect it to feature on the 3rd LP. Following on was Take Me To A Higher Plane. This song oozed plenty of energy and was delivered extremely strongly. It was then onto another new song and this being I Don’t Have Time To Die. This song was heavier compared to the other two new songs. The majority of this song was spoken through but it infused to the melody perfectly which resulted in one fantastic song. “Are you having a nice evening? Are you drunken up? No, F**king hell get to the bar. It’s Christmas after all it means you’re allowed to drink during the day on your own”. OMG/ Dolphin was the next to be played. “OK this is like a really summery song which doesn’t really go with the whole Christmas tree thing in here. If you could imagine a beach, with the sea and the sand” Nash said before launching into this song. I found this number to be rather light and easy on the ear. The chorus was really infectious and had a frantic pace. “OK so this is the last new song I’m gonna give ya. I’m sure a lot of you will relate to this, This is like a close friendship that has just like gets a bit too close and then goes wrong” Kate said before getting stuck into She Wanted To Be My Lover. The lyrics are really clear and you can picture what is happening in the song. Hearing the first reminded me of Peggy Sue. After when that was over the drums kicked in and the song got even more powerful and pacey. For the last song Kate called everyone up for the last song. Shuga, Jay Molhotra, Brigitte Aphrodite and Ryan Jarman all joined Kate for Wham’s Last Christmas. This classic song was sung perfectly and was a fantastic choice of song to end on considering Christmas was coming. “This seems appropriate to end with if you break the rules and go over curfew” and this song being Nash’s debut single Foundations. There was plenty of singing along to this song and it was the first time I had witnessed it being played on the guitar.


I Just Love You More
Kiss That Grrrl
Sweetheart/ Once
Take Me To A Higher Plane
I Don’t Have Time To Die
OMG/ Dolphin
She Wanted To Be My Lover
Last Christmas



OVERALL: This was a charity event was a wonderful night. All the proceeds went to The Wish Centre. It was lovely to see Kate Nash perform after I last saw her play at Bush Hall on 2nd April (Yes I did see The Receeders but that is a side project). Nash treated the audience to 5 brand new songs which sounded amazing. These tracks are a must for the untitled 3rd LP.


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