Pocket Satellite @ The Workshop 17th December 2011

Taking place at The Workshop was the last Pocket Satellite gig of 2011. I had never visited the venue before and I was surprised to see how quaint and tiny it actually was. This was also the last time Ruth Dixon was playing as part of the band as she is moving onto other things. This quintet consisted of Maya Zosmer, Carl Haag, siblings Tom and Ruth Dixon and Richard Falk. The style of music they play is the perfect blend of Folk and Pop. I have heard the bands first 2 EP’s Toy Train and Paper Aviator and they’re amazing. They were due to take to the small stage at 9.30 but everything was over running. 30 minutes later they all cram onto the stage. Opening up the set was the wonderful Parachutes which was taken from the Paper Aviator EP. This song opened up with an entrancing keyboard introduction by Ruth Dixon and this sounded both soothing and mellowing. Both Maya Zosmer and Carl Haag sang this song and their vocals compliment one another. I actually found Maya’s vocals rather soft and gentle. Also the infusion of Violin, Cello, Guitar and Glockenspiel worked wonders. “So we’re Pocket Satellite” Zosmer said to the intimate audience before launching into Toy Train. Both Carl and Maya sang this song and both their vocals gel together. I found this to be rather gentle and the lyrics were fantastic. “That was a more acoustic version of the song” Zosmer then said to the small audience. “You can use this excuse to say you’ve got rocks in your shoes” Maya said before launching into Rocks In Shoes which was about not wanting to go to work. This by far is my favourite Pocket Satellite song. I find it to be rather entrancing/ hypnotic. The vocals by Maya and Carl were ever so soft and gentle.

One word to sum up This Town: AMAZING. Maya was on vocals for this one and it was delivered to perfection. This new song makes me very excited about the prospect of the brand new EP. Also the harmonising was spot on. “It’s cheese time, We recently got a live recording done which will be made available at some point but we listened back to it and I just realised how cheesy I sing this song, so I thought I would make it even cheesier tonight” Carl said to the audience before launching into Windows. Even though you could pick up on the cheesiness it was plain to see that they were enjoying themselves/ having fun when singing this brilliant song. Windows was sung by both Maya and Carl. I found it to be rather upbeat. “We’re doing a slight set list change but you guys don’t know what we’ve written down. I don’t know why I’m telling you” Carl then said resulting in Maya saying “Unless you have super eyes”. It was then onto a cover and this being Winter Song originally by Head and the Heart. I have never heard the original version of this song but just hearing the Pocket Satellite take on it left me speechless. This cover was sung by Carl, Ruth and Maya and it sounded so sublime. “We got a couple more for you, then we’re bowing out” Carl then said to the audience. Before Man On A Boat Maya told the audience “I don’t know if you guys know but this is our last gig with Ruth”. The rip roaring Man On A Boat was the penultimate number on the night and there was even some audience participation. You could tell they were having so much fun delivering a faultless performance of this song. Plenty of energy oozed from it. Rounding of an impressive set was Pixelated Views. Now this song is about a computer game character that’s got stuck in his computer game. This song was very upbeat and the majority is sung by Zosmer with the rest of the band harmonising. Also when the song is approaching the end Maya swapped positions with Tom and showed off her drum skills.


Toy Train
Rocks In Shoes
This Town
Winter Song
Man On A Boat
Pixelated Views

OVERALL: I thoroughly enjoyed this evening. The set was perfect and the cover song was amazing. I definitely look forward to seeing them again and hearing new material in the future. This may of been the last time Ruth Dixon played as a member of Pocket Satellite but I wish her all the best for what she wants to go on to do.


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