Gaggle @ New Empowering Church 15th December 2011

The Gaggle Christmas Service was always going to be special and I wasn’t wrong. This event was taking place at the New Empowering Church in Hackney. I have been to a lot of gigs in the past but this takes the award for most trickiest place to find. Yes I knew it was 1a Westgate Street but finding it on that street was incredibly difficult. It took me an hour to find the place basically there was no sign whatsoever. The entrance to the venue was at the side of the building and was actually the fire exit. The doors finally opened at 8pm and it was a 50 minutes wait till the support act came onto the stage. The inside of the New Empowering Church was a massive hall consisting of a bar, plenty of sitting space at the side and three palm trees which lit up. So at 8.50pm Woman’s Hour took to the stage. The band consisted of Fiona and William Burgess, Nicolas Graves and Josh Hunnisett. It was the first time I had heard them and I was really impressed. One of the songs that featured in the 7 song set was the upbeat Jenni which the band have released as a double AA single. I can see a lot of potential and I most definitely will see them again. Around 10pm Gaggle took to the stage. For people that have never heard of them before CHECK THEM OUT. Gaggle are extremely talented and very unique. In fact I don’t know of any female choirs within the music industry. This set previewed material from the eagerly anticipated début album which is out early next year. They opened up with Lullaby. Now I love this song, it was so soft and gentle. Its title fits just right it felt like a lullaby which sounded fantastic. This song was rather enchanting and it went down well with the audience. It was then onto the haunting From The Mouth Of The Cave. This song was amazing as the girls vocals gel together perfectly creating something very special and unique. Power Of Money followed next on the night which was delivered strongly. I also found it to be very upbeat as well. After plenty of applause it was then onto a song that I had not heard before and this being Army Of Birds. With Gaggle being a choir, all of the girls shined throughout this song. The lyrics were sublime and they were delivered powerfully. I look forward to hearing the studio version. How Can I Tell If My Man’s A Liar was next. This had a darker tone and you can gather what the song is about from the title. It felt as this song was brimming with hatred. Once over there was plenty of applause then it was onto a new Gaggle song I had not heard before this being Gaslight. This song was very uptempo and had memorable lyrics which fitted perfectly with the melody.  The penultimate song on the night was Bang On The Drum. There was the sense of epicness during this number. They put so much into this song and plenty of energy oozed from it. Ending the night was something incredible and unique this being All I Want For Christmas Is You. Their take on this song was delivered at a slower pace compared to the original. Halfway into the song the pace got a lot faster. It was like a snowball going down a hill and gathering momentum. They made this song their own and they put there own stamp of originality on it.


From The Mouth Of The Cave
Power Of Money
Army Of Birds
Bang On The Drum
All I Want For Christmas Is You

OVERALL: Gaggle are extremely unique I cant compare them to anyone in the Music Industry. The vocal harmonies were spot on and it was Deborah Coughlin who holds all of them together. I refer to her being Chief Gaggle. You could also see Deborah as the conductor. I for one look forward to getting my hands on a copy of the début album. I thoroughly enjoyed this evening and I look forward to the next time I witness Gaggle live.


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