Melanie C @ Scala 9th December 2011

After having witnessed Coldplay on the Tuesday I knew that this was another gig I would have to turn up early to if I wanted to be right at the front. I don’t relish early starts but it has to be done. So I got to Scala at 10.45am and only 6 people were standing outside. I found this to be surprising because I expected more people to be there. Melanie C has always been my favourite Spice Girl. This gig was a nice early one as doors opened at 18.30pm and the curfew was 22.00pm. The waiting 8 hours in the cold was pure hell, something I never want to do again in December. As expected security decided to put barriers out 30 minutes before opening time. I had visions of the queue getting messy so I was quite surprised how organised Scala actually was. The doors then opened at 18.30pm. I think they let people in batches. So you had some ticket holders going in, then people wanting to collect tickets went to the box office and so on. Once inside I claimed my barrier spot and it was then a 60 minute wait until the support act took to the stage. Ben Montague was the support act and I really enjoyed his short 30 minute set. Just witnessing 7 songs of his live makes me see massive potential.

The crowd were definitely geared up for Melanie C’s presence on stage. The choice of opening song was strange. This being Rock Me which featured on the German version of Chisholm’s 5th album The Sea. It also was released as a single and charted at #38. Excuse the pun but she definitely rocked me with that song. Melanie knew how to work the crowd. This song was infused with Yeh Yeh Yeh which was taken from the sophomore album Reason. “You want to sing to me?” Chisholm said during the song. Everyone then sang to this song which had a Pop/ Rock edge. Yeh Yeh Yeh then ended with a couple of lines from Rock Me. It was then onto The Sea’s current single this being the beautiful ballad Weak. This mellowing song got stronger towards the end and plenty of people were singing along. Melanie put so much energy into this song and what followed on after has to be my favourite Chisholm song. This being Northern Star which again is another beautiful ballad. The lyrics were really infectious and this was a crowd pleasing song. “Well Hello London, How you doing, You’re looking good” Melanie then said to the crowd. “I see we have a big fan contingency in again tonight, I think these gigs are a good way place to make friends from all over the world”. Melanie wasn’t wrong in the queue there were fans from Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil all whom travelled to attend this concert “We’re going to have a lot of fun tonight, We’re gonna do some new stuff and some old stuff, Stuff a bit like this” Chisholm said to the crowd which led into the next song Never Be The Same Again. This wonderful song was taken from the debut album Northern Star and was a duet with the late Lisa Left Eyed Lopes. Never Be The Same Again had an RnB feel to it plus some luscious lyrics which resulted in a lot of fans singing along. “OK now this particular part of the set we’ve started something new, We’ve been asking you guys what you would like to hear” Melanie said to the packed audience before revealing that it was a tie between two songs.

In November Chisholm announced on her official site that fans could choose a song from 5 different options then say what gig they would be attending for a chance to win a meet and greet. “This next song is very very special song to me” she then said before the ballad Reason. This song was very soft and gentle. Barring songs from The Sea, Reason was the only song on the night not to be released as a single. “Thankyou very much” Melanie then said as the crowd erupted into applause. “You picked some good songs tonight, I’m really pleased because this is another favourite of mine” she said before launching into the first single taken from the album  Reason. This being Here It Comes Again. This song was delivered powerfully and had some fantastic lyrics. The beautiful acoustic One By One followed on. “I’m very very very very new to this” Melanie said in regards to the fact she played acoustic guitar. It was my favourite song off of The Sea and this being the infectious Burn. This song so has to be released as a single. The lyrics to this song are wonderful and you have the sudden urge to sing along to them. I myself and the whole crowd sang along to this fantastic song. Chisholm played the guitar perfectly you could clearly see that she was concentrating so hard to play it right. “It’s been to long hasn’t it, too bloody long” Chisholm said to the crowd referring to the fact it was 2008 when she last played a headlining gig. It was onto All About You which was delivered strongly.

Drown was next and I adore this ballad it along with Burn are highlights on The Sea. This song was infused to the infectious Next Best Superstar taken from the Beautiful Intentions album. They blitzed through this powerful song at ease and it was a real audience pleaser. “Would you like to do a duet with me?” Melanie said before Greg had to tune up for the next song. “It’s not an engagement ring but tell me if you’re looking look at that sparkler, If you’re thinking about it look at the f***ing size of that. It’s not real, But I wouldn’t mind a real one. God I’ll start those rumours now” Chisholm then went onto say in regards to the ring that was on her finger. It was then onto the lovely fast paced/ infectious When You’re Gone. The first single taken from The Sea ended the night and this was being the infectious/ upbeat Think About It. This song oozed plenty of energy especially the chorus. Once over Melanie left the stage with the rest of her band only to comes on moments later for the encore. The first song being Stupid Game which was very upbeat and also sampled Tainted Love. I really loved the chorus to this bitter song. “Now I have got a little surprise for you. Earlier this year I was lucky enough to perform onstage with one of my all time heroes. My special guest is one of the best guitarists the world has ever seen” and this being the incredible Mr Brian May. Once he took to the stage there was a rapture of applause. The song in question being Queen’s One Vision. Melanie had to have the lyrics on stage for this song. They romped through this electrifying song. “OK who wants to dance?” Melanie said before taking off her shoes for I Turn To You. This song was perfect to end on as the atmosphere was simply electric.


Rock Me
Yeh Yeh Yeh
Weak/ Northern Star
Never Be The Same Again
Here It Comes Again
One By One
All About You
Next Best Superstar
When You’re Gone
Think About It


Stupid Game
One Vision
I Turn To You

OVERALL: I had never had the opportunity to see the Spice Girl’s live so this was the next best thing. As soon as I saw Melanie C was to play Scala I snapped up a ticket straight away. It was very surreal just to see her close up and literally I was blown away by how amazing the evening actually was. The majority of the audience weren’t English. The Sea Live Tour 2011 was amazing everyone was buzzing throughout the gig. I would have to saw Chisholm’s 5th album The Sea has to be the best yet.


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  1. Nigel cowen says:

    Excellent review, just as it happened

  2. Nigel Cowen says:

    Like the way you use the set list, the independent should be doing this, but their critics are not very factual.

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