Brigitte Aphrodite @ The Slaughtered Lamb 8th December 2011

The Slaughtered Lamb which is a pub hidden in the heart of Clerkenwell was the setting of something extremely special. This being Merry Kissmass a Christmas Concert put on by the ever so talented Brigitte Aphrodite. I have been a fan of Aphrodite’s work ever since I witnessed the Suburban Hell comedy show in 2009. Since then she has gone and launched a music career and has appeared as support at a few Kate Nash tours I have attended. Her style of music is Punk meets Pop. Also she likes her glitter as well. Once the doors opened I let Brigitte glitter me up. Well it is Christmas and I thought why not. Support on the night came from Brigette’s flat mate Sean Pol McGreevy whom was very talented and sang songs on the piano. These included Let It Snow, Your Song, Life On Mars and many more. Second on the night was Hectic. It had been almost two years when I last saw him beatbox. He has grown so much and his talent is phenomenal.

“It starts, so the reason why I wanted to do this is because I met these amazing incredible people at acting school. Like some of you amazing people in the crowd. And it was like times that were free and careless and our biggest troubles were getting naked because our director made us and we were like crying because they made us think about things that upset us. Or like stuff like that. Every year we’d sing Christmas carols round the Christmas tree and I really miss that living in London coz London is a lonely place sometimes. So that is why we did this and this year also I wanna celebrate us now because, me and people here this evening climbed a mountain for a charity. That was a massive life changing thing” Brigitte said to the intimate audience before her set started.

This evening was to be special because joining Aphrodite was a choir which consisted of just 4 people. Plus there was a Olli on drums and Jay Malhotra on guitar. The short but sweet set had a Christmas theme with a Punk/ Pop twist. The opening song oozed plenty of energy. Aphrodite gave it her all and delivered a sparkling performance. Also the choir were ace as well and Brigitte said the song was for Kate (Nash) and was about being a kid again and screaming about nothing. After Aphrodite does some beatboxing “Not as good as Hector” Brigitte then said to the intimate audience. The song that was performed was a strange mash up of Aled Jones’s Walking In The Air and The Offspring’s Pretty Fly For A White Guy. Actually this mash up worked perfectly. “So this part of the show is about being lonely at Christmas” Aphrodite said before doing a short comedy poem which then led into East 17’s Stay Another Day. They put their own twist on this song and made it slightly comedic. This song also featured a couple of lines of All I Want For Christmas Is You. After it was onto Brigitte’s very on take on the Spice Girl’s classic 2 Become 1. Aphrodite put her very own stamp of originality on this song. There was a punk vibe going on throughout the song and the chorus was extremely powerful. “Right Ladies and Gentlemen this is a song that I wrote a couple of years ago but never done it with a live band” Brigitte said before launching into her very own Christmas song Merry Kissmas. Everyone sang along to the line “Merry Merry Christmas, And a Happy Happy New Year” which was repeated a lot of times towards the end of the song.

OVERALL: As always Brigitte was amazing it was the perfect combination of song and comedy. I adore Christmas themed gigs because they get you in the mood as the big day is fast approaching.


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