Coldplay @ Dingwalls 6th December 2011

Seeing Coldplay in an intimate venue is stuff what dreams are made of. This gig was for the BBC Radio 2 In Concert series and took place at Dingwalls in Camden. You could see this as a homecoming as the band played at this tiny venue 14 years ago to fund the limited Safety EP. Tickets for this were like gold dust. You could only win them either enter the Coldplay competition for a chance to win 1 of 15 pairs or apply through the BBC who had the majority of the allocation. To my surprise and delight I received an email the prior Friday telling me I had won two tickets from the Coldplay competition. Funny how things do work out. So come the day of the gig I arrive at 10.30am. Now I don’t usually attend gigs early only under special circumstances. Due to this venue being 450 in capacity and the fact that the massive Coldplay were playing this was one of those circumstances. Once I walked down to the steps to get to the venue 3 people were already there. My plus 1 arrived at 3pm and by that time the queue hadn’t grown in the slightest. There were a couple of people from Italy who turned up on the off chance of getting in (they were told around 6pm that they wouldn’t get in but in the end persistence paid off and they got in to witness this special event). Doors opened at 7pm and when I was inside it was nice to be somewhere warm as I had been queuing in the bitter cold for just over 8 hours. Dingwalls was so small and the stage was touching distance. They had a rope barrier which was sectioned off for the remote controlled camera. At 8pm Jo Wiley took to the stage and introduced Coldplay to the stage.

“Hi Everybody, MX yeah, Alright lets go, this is a concert it’s starting now” Chris Martin said before the slight delay of the opening song. “This is worse than 14 years ago when we f***ed it up, OK I’m going to stand up again and pretend we have just came on” Chris then went onto say. But this slight delay did not matter in the slightest as everyone was taken in the view of the intimate surroundings. This was the closest you were ever going to get to Coldplay.

Once they were all ready they launched into MX which serves as the introduction to Hurts Like Heaven. This has to be one of my favourite songs from Mylo Xyloto. There was a furious pace to this song and the lyrics were really infectious. Plenty of energy flowed from this song and the whole audience erupted with cheers. It was then onto a couple of oldies the first being Yellow from the Parachutes era. This was the song that kicked started their career. This mellowing song had a powerful epic punch. Plenty of people were singing along to this wonderful song. It was then straight into In My Place from the sophomore album A Rush Of Blood To The Head. The lyrics were so catchy even I had the urge to sing along to this sublime song. What If followed on and this was a slow paced song and was played on the graffiti splattered piano. Halfway through the song the Will, Guy and Jonny started to play and the song became more powerful. Before the current Mylo Xyloto tour this song was last played in 2008. Major Minus was next and for this song Chris was on his acoustic guitar. “Thankyou everybody” Martin said once this audience pleasing song was over. “This is like playing in front of your f***ing family. It’s so f***ing small. I have more cousins than this, It took us a few minutes to reacclimatise to playing, We got so used to lasers and Arenas and all that posh stuff. It takes us time to remind ourselves of well we gotta play just with nothing except our instruments and our handsome bass player” Chris Martin said before mentioning that they were going to redo the beginning of the show again.

“It’s very strange playing here, Let me tell you because the last time we played here was when we were about 12 years old and it wasn’t full and were even worse than we’re playing tonight” Martin said before launching into Us Against The World. “I hope to god it sound good” Chris then said due to this was the first time this song had been performed live. This song is was a soft mellowing acoustic ballad. It was amazing and a real treat as this was the first time it had been sung live. They got through Us Against The World without a hitch plus the harmonising was spot on. It was then back to a track from A Rush Of Blood To The Head and this being the God Put A Smile Upon Your Face. The start of the song started out very mellowing then later you had an infusion of the guitars and drums making this extremely heavy. They breezed through this song at ease and it sounded really rocky. The Scientist was next and this was a lovely mellowing ballad. Everyone sung along to this song. How can you not sing along? The lyrics are so gentle and the melody fitted perfectly with the lyrics. This time there was no tambourine in sight. “This is the best gig in the world because you can make us feel good” Martin said after The Scientist was well received.

It was then straight into Up In Flames which is taken from the Mylo Xyloto album and this song received plenty of applause. The audience pleasing and infectious Viva La Vida was next on the night. “Save the enthusiasm because we’re recording this for Radio 2 and I just messed that all up, It was entirely my fault. We’re all performing here you guys and us guys that’s why there’s pressure on us this crazy pressure and we’re going to do that again. You did very very brilliantly it was me that takes the responsibility for that f**k up” Chris said after what seemed like a false start. They completely blitz through this song. It was very energetic plus everyone was singing along to this infectious song. The epic Charlie Brown followed on and unfortunately the light up wristbands were not given out at this gig. I loved this song it was incredible hearing it sung live. It is personally one of my few favourite songs from Mylo Xyloto. Paradise which is the 2nd single to be taken off the current album was up next. The lyrics to this song were rather infectious and plenty of people were singing along. A couple of guys beside me chucked two stuffed Elephants onto the stage (the video for the song shows an Elephant escaping from a Zoo and making a journey home to Africa).  Clocks was up next and the opening of the song sounded so much like Speed Of Sound. The start of Fix You was infused to the ending of Clocks. Everyone was singing along to this soft mellowing ballad. This was one enchanting song which was a real audience pleaser. Ending the night was Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. This song was very upbeat and I really liked the cheesy lyrics “I turn the music up, I got my records on/I shut the world outside until the lights come on”. The band left the stage only to return minutes later. Chris had put a new shirt on due to the fact they were shooting the opening of the show again. So we then had another intro by Jo Wiley and then Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland and Will Champion took to the stage. They then launched into MX/ Hurts Like Heaven. “Thankyou so much for letting us do that god what a f***ing shambles that was at the beginning for a professional band” Chris said before dusting off last years Christmas song Christmas Lights. This was a real treat because it hasn’t made an appearance during the Mylo Xyloto tour. The song was delivered beautifully on the piano and hearing Christmas songs live does make you get in the Christmassy mood.


Mylo Xyloto
Hurts Like Heaven
In My Place
What If
Major Minus
Us Against The World
God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
The Scientist
Up In Flames
Viva La Vida
Charlie Brown
Fix You
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


MX/ Hurts Like Heaven (Retake)
Christmas Lights

OVERALL: This was the first time I had witnessed Coldplay live as a full band and literally I was blown away. They put on one amazing gig and this night was so special I will never ever forget it. I look forward to seeing it played via the red button on BBC. I still can’t believe I was so lucky to win tickets for this event. I mean I applied for iTunes and wasn’t successful and then I applied for this which is a much smaller venue and I win tickets. Bizarre!!!


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