Big Deal @ Banquet Records 5th December 2011

Big Deal are a band that I adore. They have already released 3 singles (Homework, Talk and Chair) plus Distant Neighbourhood had just been released. Also début album Lights Out is fantastic. So the moment I knew KC Underwood and Alice Costelloe were to appear at Kingston’s Banquet Records I knew I had to attend. I really liked this duos mellowing folk music and they had some very good songs. The fact it was stripped back was even more appealing. Both members arrived 25 minutes late but the Banquet staff were keeping the audience entertained by telling jokes. Both Alice and KC arrive to perform what would be a short but sweet set. “This is a really nice record shop, this is cool we’ve never been here before, so thanks for having us” KC said to the intimate audience before opening up with a stripped back performance of the bands last single Chair. Both Underwood’s and Costelloe’s vocals compliment one one another. I enjoyed this fast paced song. The track made the statement of a relationship that is stuck at the friendship stage. It was then into the brand new single Distant Neighbourhood which was delivered to perfection. It was very light and had some catchy lyrics. After plenty of applause it was then onto the slow paced Locked Up which served as the B Side to Talk. “This crowd looks really trustworthy can we turn the lights down a bit” KC said which resulted in the lights being turned off for the last two songs. Actually it looked really nice as there were fairy lights behind them. After some tuning it was then onto Cool Like Kurt. Once this song had been superbly delivered it was then onto the last song of the night. “So thanks again for coming down, I didn’t think anybody would be here on a Monday night” KC said to the intimate audience before ending with the infectious Talk.


Distant Neighbourhood
Locked Up
Cool Like Kurt


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