Little Noise Sessions – Jonny Buckland & Chris Martin @ St John at Hackney 24th November 2011

This was the 2nd day on the bounce and saw me attend yet another top class Little Noise Session. Jonny Buckland & Chris Martin were the headliners and just seeing half of Coldplay play in this wonderful church. Tickets for this date sold out within seconds and this Session was only revealed at the beginning of November. I was actually really looking forward to witness this special event and come to think of it I was extremely lucky to get a ticket for this hot event. Considering I had never witnessed Coldplay live before I decided to get the first train to get to Hackney Central. So I was outside the church at 11am and the 7 hours queueing was pure hell as it was so cold. The doors opened on time and unlike the prior there wasn’t a wait till the 1st act took to the stage. The compère for the evening was curator Jo Wiley who came on before and after each act. Regarding the acts there were 4 people supporting and I had only heard of 2 prior. Ben Howard I saw live earlier in the year and Emeli Sande had already appeared on the Professor Green song Read All About It. The first two artists on the night were Bebe Black and Michael Kiwanuka. I actually really enjoyed Bebe’s songs. It was pop music which I simply adored there was actually a hint of the late Amy Winehouse when she was singing. The only drawback of this set was the fact only 3 songs were performed and the photographers stayed there for all three. The last song that was performed was I’ll Wait. Black is someone worth keeping an eye on and I look forward to the prospect of seeing her live again. As for Kiwanuka, yes there was something special about his set but I wasn’t blown away by it. It was then onto Ben Howard who was sitting down for all of his performance then it was onto Emeli Sande. I actually see her being HUGE in 2012 and her forthcoming album Our Version Of Events is a must buy.

“This is going to be more enthusiastic than professional, I warn you” Chris Martin said before he started to play Parachutes track Yellow. It was like karaoke as everyone was singing along to this song. Honestly it felt so surreal seeing half of Coldplay perform in this intimate setting. “Oh sh*t, I f***ed that one up” Martin then as he made an error about a minute into the song. He then picked himself up and delivered the rest of the song perfectly. “Is everybody OK out there? We just came from doing the Graham Norton show. To be quite frank I felt like a real twat. So please don’t watch it if you like Coldplay it’s not going to do us any favours. I’m never going on a chat show to talk again, It’s harder than it looks” Chris then said to the intimate audience. It was then onto the first song they half wrote and this being Violet Hill from the Viva La Vida album. “It’s hard when we’re playing stadiums and stuff to come all the way back here you just don’t get it, I’m entirely joking” Martin then said before revealing that they are used to a backing track. Everyone was yet again singing along plus everyone was clapping throughout the small guitar solo. Straight after it was onto a rampant rendition of Clocks which saw Chris Martin close to falling off his stool. I really liked the  furious paced ending. “What do you think of our smart clothes, we felt like we should make an effort with it being a church, but I have already f***ed that up by swearing so I apologise” Martin then said before playing their new single Paradise. This song had fantastic lyrics and was rather infectious. “Do you mind doing the second Para is that OK? We’re not even practising we’ll just go straight through” Chris Martin then said to the audience mid way through this song. Paradise oozed bundles of energy.

“Her favourite band is Take That but they didn’t have any jobs going, so she had to settle on the sh*t Radiohead which is how we’re sometimes referred to” Martin said to the audience as one of the workers for the band took to the stage with what looked like a cup of tea for Chris. It was then onto the massive Viva La Vida and everyone was chanting away before the song had even started. “Let’s hear it for the Tambourine lady, We are looking for a drummer I’m not going to lie” Martin said to the lady whom was shaking the Tambourine up in the balcony. This song was delivered superbly. The lyrics and melody go well together making this one infectious song. Charlie Brown was next on the night and this song is taken from Mylo Xyloto. This was one beautiful song and extremely special as well as normally Chris performs it on acoustic guitar. After plenty of cheers it was then into The Scientist. “This is not the tambourine song, I don’t mean to be rude. Let me be honest with you we tried tambourine on the recording and we had to scrap it, so we have been playing it for ten years with no tambourine. It probably sounds great, but I’m just used to it without tambourine, so please don’t take it personally. Don’t take this as some kind of anti tambourine rant. The tambourine is one of my favourite percussion instruments” Martin then said to the Tambourine lady before promising that the next song was a tambourine frenzy. “This is about when I lost my tambourine… we were close” Chris then said before launching into the haunting The Scientist. He improvised a new verse during this song: “People ask me Chris, ‘What is your favourite type of drum machine’/I tell ’em, ‘Oh, tough one, but I think it must be the tambourine”. The night ended with the 1st single from Mylo Xyloto this being the upbeat Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall. I really liked Chris Martin’s beat boxing right at the end then they both exited the stage. “We weren’t expecting that” Chris said to the audience after everyone was chanting away for an encore. He then took to his acoustic guitar and stood next to Jonny for the mellowing Shiver. The set list showed that they had planned to tackle Rihanna’s We Found Love. “Thankyou so much for coming everybody. How do we do this?” Chris said before mentioning we were going to sing Fix You together. This was one enchanting song plus it was mellow and very uplifting. Everyone was sang along to this beautiful ballad.


Violet Hill
Viva La Vida
Charlie Brown
The Scientist
Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall


Fix You

OVERALL: The performance by Chris & Jonny was under rehearsed. There were the moments when they stopped mid song but that didn’t matter because everyone around me was having a brilliant time seeing them both play in this wonderful church. I would of loved to have heard some more songs from the new album Mylo Xyloto. But you don’t realise how difficult it is to play the songs without drums. Still both of them played a short but sweet Greatest Hits which was simply perfect.

Finally the support acts were superb, I definitely predict Emeli Sande will be MASSIVE in 2012.


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