The Ting Tings @ KCLSU 22nd November 2011

Salford based band The Ting Tings have been a favourite of mine ever since I saw them opening for Kate Nash’s Little Noise Session at the Union Chapel in 2007. This was the very first time I had witnessed them headline. What enticed me to book for the London date of the Show Me Yours tour was the expectation it was to be a showcase of material from the follow up album. Plus it was taking place at the intimate KCLSU. The 2nd album Sounds From Nowheresville is currently scheduled to be released February 2012. At 7.30pm people then started to filter through inside. As I was the first I had the option of taking either the lift or stairs. As the lift had not reached the entrance yet I then decided to take the stairs. So after running up 7 flights of stairs I was the first inside the venue. There was no barrier whatsoever plus all the equipment was already on the stage. This was set up to be something which would feel really intimate. Kicking things off was a short set by Lonsdale Boys Club. This band are signed to Gary Barlow’s Future Records and I was rather impressed with the material that they sung. Songs that featured during the set included Light Me Up, Gypsy, Swings & Roundabouts and ended with Sista Shake. Once the support act was over it was then 45 minutes until the headlining act took to the stage. I was really looking forward to hearing the new material live. If Hands was anything to go by the 2nd album Sounds From Nowheresville would be a right cracker. The Ting Tings consist of main vocalist Katie White and drummer Jules De Martino.

“Good Evening, We are The Ting Tings, We have some songs for you” Katie White said to the intimate audience before launching into newie Give It Back. Both Jules and Katie share the vocals for this upbeat song. There was both plenty of strobe lighting throughout this performance plus it oozed plenty of energy. “Thankyou very much” White said to the intimate audience before they launched into forthcoming single Hang It Up. All I can say about this song is that it is completely different from material from the début album We Started Nothing and is nothing like the Hands. I really like the song though it feels like Rock meets Hip Hop. “I don’t know what night it is, I think it’s a Tuesday I don’t know, But whatever night just pretend it’s a different night and f****** dance please” White said when Jules was playing the song. It was onto the the bands 2nd single and this being the audience pleasing Great DJ. Loads of energy oozed from Katie’s performance and as soon as she started to play the guitar there were plenty of cheers. After plenty of applause it was then onto Fruit Machine. “This is the loop pedal” Katie pointed out to the audience as she used it throughout the song. Fruit Machine was the first single released by the band but you could only purchase it at 5 different gigs in 2007 and this vinyl was limited to 100 per venue. At first this song had a steady pace but as soon as it progressed it became more powerful. White definitely owned the stage as she came to the edge of it singing this fantastic song.

“OK, Well this next song , it’s a story we want to tell to you White said before they launched into brand new song Guggenheim. This again was very different to the older material as the song itself was spoken word. Again like Hang It Up there were Hip Hop vibes throughout this song. It was then onto Silence. At first it started at a steady pace then during the song Jules took to the guitar and then it became rather powerful. After a rapturous applause it was then onto Keep Your Head which featured on the début album We Started Nothing. I love this song it is rather pacey and infectious as well. The upbeat We Walk followed on and this song got the audience worked up. “Thankyou so much for coming along tonight” White then said to the intimate audience before showcasing another brand new song Hit Me Down Sonny. Again Jules took to the guitar and the Hip Hop vibe were still prominent during this song. Shut Up & Let Me Go followed straight after and there was plenty of clapping along in unison. Even though this song only reached #6 it had proved to be a commercial success as the song featured in the Fanta adverts. The atmosphere from the audience was electric and you could tell Katie and Jules were putting plenty of energy into the performance of that song. “OK, this song is about working to hard”and this being the set closer Hands. This was one fantastic song and the lyrics were amazing. Both Katie and Jules then went off stage only to return minutes later for the encore. “Thankyou so much for having us back here , you’re all f****** fantastic, We know London crowds know how to get going ” White said before ending the spectacular night with That’s Not My Name. This was the bands 3rd single and hit the topped the UK singles chart back in 2008. There was plenty of strobe lighting plus the audience were rocking out and singing along to this song.


Give It Back
Hang It Up
Great DJ
Fruit Machine
Keep Your Head
We Walk
Hit Me Down Sonny
Shut Up & Let Me Go


That’s Not My Name

OVERALL: February 2012 sees the release of Sounds From Nowheresville and I for one am looking forward to getting hold of a copy. Don’t expect a We Started Nothing Part 2 though as judging from the new tracks played on the night The Ting Tings have made something extremely different. It was nice to hear old tracks played within the 12 song set plus it is always a pleasure hearing brand new material. Out of the new material forthcoming single Hang It Up should do rather well and also I found Guggenheim to be a stand out track.


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