In The Spotlight: #019 Katie Sky

An artist who I think is well and truly incredible is Bristol based Katie Sky. She is a formidable talent who has some tremendous songs under her belt. I witnessed her live for the first time last week opening for the wonderful Kate McGill and to be honest I was completely blown away by her short but sweet set. That night she sung original material plus a wonderful stripped back version of Olly Murs’s Heart Skips A Beat.

Sky has just unleashed debut single Sweet Sweet Melody which is complete Pop Perfection. That song is so infectious. Well the other material that featured that night went down the Pop route.

Like Kate McGill, Gabrielle Aplin, Lauren Aquilina and even Jessie J, Katie Sky uploaded videos of her singing original songs and cover versions to the popular video sharing site Youtube. Katie Sky does offer alot of promise and she definitely has what it takes to carve out a career in the Music Industry. The thing I like the most about her is that she writes her own material. In my book artists that write their own material get major plus points and it shows that they are really talented.

Check out her music or when she does next perform attend the gig and see what you make of it. Seriously her vocals will blow you away.

Also on 4th December sees the release of the Paradise EP which I myself am looking forward to.


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