Ladyhawke @ 100 Club 15th November 2011

Phillipa “Pip” Brown annouced she was to play at the iconic 100 Club in October. The only chance to get a ticket for this extraordinary event was to sign up to the official mailing list where you would get the password and link to the site selling tickets before they went on sale 2nd November. I have attended many gigs in 2011 but this was the one I really wanted to be at. Unfortunately I missed out due to an error with Sandbag not realising I already had an account with them. This resulted in me signing up again only to find out the ticket had vanished from my basket then to find the gig was completely sold out. From what I have heard it only took 30 seconds for it to sell out. It actually hurts when you miss out on something you really attend. One of my friends who was successful turned out to be my saviour as he purchased the maximum of 2 tickets.

I arrived at the 100 Club at 2pm. The reason I decided to get there so early was down to the fact it sold out within 30 seconds and this was a gig I wanted to be at so much. I could of turned up later but the thought of there being alot of people there was too much for me. When the doors open you always have to be in the right place. Once I arrived it came as no surprise that I was the first one there. While I was outside I was listening to the fantastic debut album by Ladyhawke. It was around about an hour until the next person arrived. In fact the next three people who turned up I knew. We were inside the corridor in the warmth just chatting about music which did make the time go quicker. People then started to filter into the venue around 7.45pm. When inside there was Tim Burgess who was the DJ playing sets before and after Ladyhawke. The best thing about having no supports is that you can tell were the best position is to stand. All the equipment was already set out so I opted to stand the right side of Pip’s microphone.

Pip took to the stage at 9pm and played what was to be a stunning 14 song set consisting of oldies and newies which no doubt will feature on the sophomore album. Things kicked off with Blue Eyes which was an upbeat song which showed alot of promise of what to expect from that second album. This was one cracking song and parts of it were really infectious especially the Na Nas. “Thankyou everyone for coming tonight, I’m so nervous. Shaking” Pip then said to the intimate audience. It was then onto another newie and this being Anxiety. This song was actually the password needed to buy tickets for this event. Now this song was so different in comparison to Blue Eyes which opened up the night. This steady paced song had some incredible verses and I look forward to hearing the mastered version of this song. It was staight onto Magic which featured on the debut self titled album. Pip wrote this song when she first moved to London and is a pining love song. This song had a beat to it and everything geled together perfectly. Girl Like Me followed on and there was some impressive guitar playing during this new song. “This is the first time I’ve played these new songs out so thanks for being kind, It’s really nerve racking” Brown then went onto say to the audience. The next song was Professional Suicide. It had a slow start and you could notice the electro ness to the song. But both the chorus and the na na nas were really infectious. This old song was delivered to perfection. The Quick & The Dead started of with a heavy drumbeat then Pip starts singing this amazing song. At first it starts off at a steady pace then the infectious chorus kicks in. I definately see this song as single material. Dusk To Dawn had a fast pace to it with some brilliant lyrics. It is the only song which you can pick up on her accent “Bang bang bang on the wall, From Dusk Till Dawn”. Personally it is one of my favourites from the debut album. “So glad to be playing again, I didn’t disappear. Felt like I did” Pip said before revealing she had been in New Zealand. The next song on the night was Vaccine. One line of this song is “Who’ll Be My Vaccine, I’ll Be Your Inbetween”. This song was fantastic and has some brilliant verses. “My guitar wasn’t working for that whole song” Brown said after she perfectly delivered this amazing tune. During the song there was a technician on the stage trying to rectify that problem.

Paris Is Burning followed and this is one infectious song. Pip wrote this song after a long weekend in Paris. The best part of this tune had to be the chorus. It was then straight into Sunday Drive and this was a wonderful pop song. “It’s gone really fast, I mean it’s not like over” Pip said before launching into Back Of The Van which featured on the debut album. This was one powerful and infectious song. I really liked the synths at the beginning and the song reminds me of Madonna in the 80s. Back Of The Van is actually about young love and is the oldest Ladyhawke song. It was then onto the forthcoming single from the sophomore album and this being Black, White & Blue. This rocking song was fantastic, definately a good choice for a comeback single. Gone Gone Gone was the penultimate song on the night and I look forward to hearing the mastered version of this track. “Thankyou so much for coming out today, it’s awesome. This is our last song now and I just want to thank everybody for standing out in the cold earlier. It’s pretty cold outside tonight. I do appreciate it” Pip then said to the audience before closing with an oldie and this being My Delirium. Plenty of energy oozed from this song. “Thankyou so much for coming tonight” Brown said before her and the rest of the band left the stage.


Blue Eyes
Girl Like Me
Professional Suicide
The Quick & The Dead
Dusk Till Dawn
Paris Is Burning
Sunday Drive
Back Of The Van
Black, White & Blue
Gone Gone Gone
My Delirium

OVERALL: This was gig was incredible it was definately a comeback which was well recieved. If you are expecting another album in the style of the debut you will be dissapointed. I actually think this surpasses the 2008 debut. The new album is going to be a right cracker judging from the material that featured in the set. Black, White & Blue may be the next single but I have the feeling that The Quick & The Dead will be its follow up. Just seeing Pip play at this historic venue which only had a capacity of 350 people was rather special. The incredible 14 song set ended at 10pm and the audience were spoiled with 8 brand new songs. If the sophomore album is like the debut (he 1st album featureds 13 tracks) then we were treated to half of the new album. Once over a couple of fans waited by the door to the dressing room just to meet Pip and I was one of the first two to see her which was amazing. I have been to alot of memorable gigs this year but this by far was the best of 2011.


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