Ellen and the Escapades @ The Lexington 13th November 2011

Ellen Smith, Chris Quick, Jeff Schneider, James Warrender and Andy Calder make up Ellen & The Escapades. Now I really rate this band and they will make waves within the music industry. After I saw them headline The Bowery last month, I was eager to witness them play live again. This time they were supporting Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles. The band took to the stage at 8.45 and performed a short but sweet 7 song set which consisted of both old and new material. Things kicked off with the current single When The Tide Creeps In. This ballad sounded incredible and was very smooth. It definately showed alot of promise and the vocal performance was outstanding. I was actually reminded of Mumford & Sons. “How’s it going” Smith said to the audience before launching into the furioused paced All The Crooked Scenes. This was one powerful song which had some delectable lyrics. All The Crooked Scenes which was a brand new song will feature on the untitled debut CD which will be released in 2012. “Is everyone alright? It’s like the Yorkshire invasion of London” Ellen then said to the audience before mentioning that the other bands were from Leeds. I’ll Keep You Warm was next up. This gentle love song was amazing and the vocals were extremely strong. I found Ellen’s vocals to be rather hypnotic. “Usually if we just punch it, it’s fine” Smith said after there was some feedback from the amp. It was then onto the B Side to Without You. Run is pure Folk and was very chilled out. There was something about Ellen’s vocals which were extremely distinctive. It was then onto Preying On Your Mind and this song is taken from the debut EP All Of The Times. This upbeat song felt like a hoedown. Once over it was then into Without You and this being the first single released on Branch Out Records in 2009. The very start of this song was acoustic and when the whole band kicked in this toe tapping number became more uptempo and infectious. I liked the use of harmonica and there were even people who were singing along. “This next one is going to be our last one” Smith said to the audience before plugging The Wheelbarrow show on 22nd November. “Tell us anything, we would like to know” Ellen then said in regard to the fact they reply to messages on Facebook. Ending the set was the bands second single and this being Coming Back Home. I found this song to be rather beautiful and the lyrics/ melody were rather mellowing.


When The Tide Creeps In
All The Crooked Scenes
I’ll Keep You Warm
Preying On Your Mind
Without You
Coming Back Home

OVERALL: Ellen and the Escapades are a band that you need to check out. If you love your folk music then I am sure that you will like the music that they sing. I would class them as a brand new Mumford & Sons. The harmonising was spot on and judging from what was sung the forthcoming album will sound amazing.


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