Kelly Clarkson @ The Borderline 10th November 2011

An intimate Kelly Clarkson, yes please. This gig was taking place at The Borderline and once I saw the article at 12pm I dropped everything because I so badly wanted to attend this evening. The thought of the fact there were only 200 wristbands made me prepare myself with the fact I may not be within the 200 people limit. I got off at Oxford Circus and sprinted down to the venue imagining that there would be a massive queue. Once I was at The Borderline at 1.30pm and I was surprised to see only 20 people already in line. I expected there to be plenty more people. The wristbands were given out at 4pm and all you needed was ID and proof that you Retweeted Kelly’s message. Come 7pm everyone started to enter the venue and it was another 60 minute wait till Kelly took to the small stage.

“We were supposed to just stay the night and leave tomorrow, thanks for coming this is really last minute” Clarkson said before revealing that they wouldn’t be on tour in the UK anytime right soon. “We’re coming back to tour but just not like in months or anything. Good god”. Someone in the intimate audience shouted out and said how is the tattoo (Kelly tweeted that she was getting her 13th done in London). “I was going to get it on my neck, because I thought it would be cool. But it kinda was bigger than I had anticipated” Clarkson said before pointing out where it was “I’m not going to peek stomach anywhere”. Kelly revealed that the tattoo is morse code for What Doesn’t Kill You.

Before Dark Side Kelly revealed her mum was in the audience. While the verses were smooth it it was the chorus that oozed plenty of energy. Kelly belted out this song and everyone in the crowd were loving it. Straight after it was Miss Independent. It was this song that brought her to the UK’s attention. The song itself is extremely strong with some catchy lyrics. I liked the part at the end when the song slows down. It is simply beautiful and everyone was rocking out to this song. The powerful Walk Away was next. This song was rather upbeat and plenty of people were singing along to it. “This is a weird show” Kelly said just as someone handed an album sleeve to her to sign. “This next song we’re going to do is actually my next single and I love it. I’m about to shoot the video and it’s going to be involved with fans so please stay involved and stay tuned” Kelly said before introducing the next song which was the albums title track What Doesn’t Kill You(Stronger). This song explored the theme of empowerment. This song was delivered to perfection, it oozed plenty of energy and the chorus was belted out. “We haven’t done this in a while” Clarkson said before playing Sober which was requested by the fans. “Just because I wrote it means nothing”. This was a beautiful ballad was delivered to perfection and everyone was chanting along to this song. During the song Kelly took sips of her vodka. “Alright, well this next one I actually shot two videos for this song and one of them was at one of my concerts here” Kelly said before playing Breakaway. This was another beautiful ballad and the title track of the 2nd album. This slow paced song was an audience pleaser and everyone was singing along to this wonderful song.  Since U Been Gone was next on the night and it involved plenty of jumping up and down. This song got stronger as it progressed and everyone was singing along to it. “Let me slow it down a little bit” Clarkson said before singing her very take on Carrie Underwood song I Know You Won’t. This gentle ballad sounded really beautiful. During it Kelly sang it to her tour manager whom was mopping up the drink that she had spilt.

“This next one I’m going to do is my favourite song I’ve ever recorded and it’s on the new album” Kelly said before launching into You Love Me. When I heard the 5th album for the 1st time this track was one of my highlights. It was wonderful having the chance to see it being performed live. After it was time for a fan request and loads of people were shouting out song titles. Clarkson then picked someone out and the request being Chivas. “Oh My God we haven’t played this song in like years” was Kelly’s reaction. “This is a song I wrote about a guy I dated that I don’t know why I dated him” Clarkson said before they launched into this smooth song. Chivas was an audience pleaser. It was delivered at a steady pace and was very easy on the ear. “This morning I got some tea, I’m not going to say where. And the tea was so hot I burned my hand . Anyway I’ve got a bandage over it” Kelly said explaining the reason why she had he right hand bandaged up. The current single was the next up and this being Mr Know It All. I love this song it is very up beat and had luscious lyrics which were really infectious.  An outstanding take on The White Stripes 7 Nation Army was next and Kelly completely owned the song. “I seriously  wish I was this cool chick like Florence and the Machine, I just wish I was cooler” Kelly said before they launched into the song. She put her own individual stamp onto 7 Nation Army and made it her own. Kelly took another request and some songs which were mentioned by the fans included Because Of You, Gone and The War Is Over. It was then onto the beautiful emotional ballad Because Of You. This song turned into a massive singalong. People were waving their hands from side to side throughout this song. “You actually sing it well, it was just awesome” Kelly said to the audience. “Lets do another request” Clarkson said before plumping for Behind These Hazel Eyes and everyone in the audience were singing along to this rocking song. This song oozed plenty of energy.

It was then onto a bit of Kelly Oke. This being Gone and it involved alot of crowd participation.  “I’m going to regret this” she said as she was going to play this song after 7 Nation Army. This song was delivered strongly and has one powerful chorus. My favourite part had to be “There is nothing you can say/ Sorry doesn’t cut it, babe/ Take the hit and walk away/ ‘Cause I’m gone. “I keep spilling drinks, I’m really sorry” and that may be due to the reason why the monitor didn’t work. “We’ve never rehearsed that” Clarkson said before singing a few lines of I Forgive You. After plenty of fans were shouting out songs and Kelly then opted for the first single from My December. This being Never Again and Kelly put everything into this powerful song. The performance was simply electric. I loved this song, its lyrics were both amazing and infectious. “Thankyou so much for coming, I hope you had fun tonight that was the point of it” Clarkson said sporting Union Jack sunglasses. The closing number was the audience pleasing My Life Would Suck Without You. This being Kelly’s only number 1 in the UK and she is in fact the only American Idol contestant to have a number 1 over here. This song capped off one fantastic night. This was a song which had a extremely powerful chorus which everyone sung along to. Also the pace was extremely fast and again people were jumping up and down. My Life Would Suck without Kelly Clarkson’s music in my life.


Dark Side
Miss Independent
Walk Away
What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)
I Know You Won’t
You Love Me
Mr Know It All
7 Nation Army
Because Of You
Behind These Hazel Eyes
I Forgive You
Never Again
My Life Would Suck Without You

OVERALL: Words cannot describe how amazing this night was. I have been to alot of gigs this year but this has to be by far the best I have attended in 2011 and that is really saying something. Just seeing an American artist performing in such a tiny venue without a barrier was rather surreal. Kelly Clarkson is the perfect combination of pop and rock. For what was sung on the night and with the fact it was free meant the audience were completely spoilt. Clarkson did the same over in the US but what was performed over there no way near matched up with the set which was performed over here. Once Kelly had finished I then managed to get a set list plus the kind Tour Manager gave me two drumsticks which I will treasure forever. When I was out of the venue I went round to the backstage door only to be told Kelly had already left. I guess there is still next year to meet my American Idol. I eagerly anticipate when she does return to UK shores next year.


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