Evanescence @ HMV Apollo 4th November 2011

Hello, Hello Remember Me?. The answer being an resounding yes, of course the UK remembers Evanescence considering they last played in the capital back in 2007. This gig was so popular which resulted in another date at the HMV Apollo being added to the schedule. As I had never witnessed Evanescence live, I therfore had nothing to judge when was the right time to queue was. Considering this gig sold out straight away and the fact it had been 5 years since Evanescence had been in the UK I knew I had to get there early. So I arrived at HMV Apollo at 6am and there were three people there (the first two got there really early as they were prepared with sleeping bags). I was actually shocked as I expected more people to be there at that time. The fact it was torrential rain did give me an advantage. Around 9am the rain stopped and then the barriers came out. Fast forward 12 hours and the doors were about to open. Or they should of been open at that time. That was the one part I was anxious about and that was getting in and everyone waiting in the foyer. Doors opened at 6.30pm and thankfully people could go straight into the venue. Once through the main doors I power walked to the front. Security guards say don’t run but no one takes notice especially at a gig like this and barrier space is in sight. I managed to secure left centre and save an spot for my friend whom I wasn’t queuing with as he arrived at 11.30am.

On the night there were 2 support acts and the first being [ME] who came all the way from Melbourne for this Evanescence tour. For some reason Fair To Midland were no longer the opening act. Second on the night were The Pretty Reckless. This being the 2nd time I had seen the band perform live. They took to the stage 10 minutes early. The band kicked off the set with the heavy Since You’re Gone. It is hard to believe Taylor Momsen fronts this rock band yet she is only 18 years old. Plus the way Taylor was dressed did make you think she was a couple of years older.  “London, how you guys doing tonight. Wow there’s alot of you” Momsen said to the crowd before asking people to sing along if they knew the words. Zombie was up next and this was a B side to the debut single. The song starts off slow and gets stronger when it progresses. Why it doesn’t feature on the Light Me Up I do not know as it’s a fantastic song. Miss Nothing followed on and was the bands second single. It was very up tempo. Just Tonight started off gentle but got more powerful when the song progressed. This song oozed plenty of energy. “This next song goes out to all the ladies in the audience” Taylor said to the audience before launching into Goin’ Down. This was a rip roaring song which was breezed through at ease. “If you know it sing along and if you don’t it’s really not that f***ing hard so learn it” Momsen then said to the crowd before launching into My Medicine. The beat to this song was amazing and the lyrics were delivered powerfully. Everyone in the crowd was singing along to this song. It was then onto something special this being their own take on The White Stripes song Seven Nation Army. This cover was crowd pleasing and it sounded really unique. The penultimate song was Make Me Wanna Die. This song peaked at #1 in the UK Rock Chart back in last May. I liked the pace of this song and the chorus was extremely powerful. “London thankyou all so much, This is our last song and I wan’t to see everyones hand in the f***ing air” Momsen said before lauching into the final song of the set. Factory Girl was that final song and it oozed plenty of energy. “Thankyou guys so f***ing much, We’re The Pretty Reckless” Taylor said before her and the band left the stage.


Since You’re Gone
Miss Nothing
Just Tonight
Goin’ Down
My Medicine
Seven Nation Army
Make Me Wanna Die
Factory Girl

It was around 9.05pm when Evanescence made their entrance onto the stage. Opening up the set was the first single taken from the new self titled album Evanescence. What You Want oozed energy and the atmosphere from the crowd was simply electric. The lyrics to this song were fantastic and it was like a full on force. This song was heavy and it was the perfect single to re introduce themselves. Amy Lee vocals were belting and this song was delivered powerfully. I liked the line Hello, Hello, Remember Me?. The second single from debut album Fallen was next on the night. Going Under was a crowd pleasing song which was delivered to perfection. Will Hunt’s drumming skills were phenomenal you could see the passion when he was slamming down on them. “London, UK, What the f*** you guys are on fire tonight. Thankyou so much for the warm welcome, thankyou so much for having us back. It’s been a while and we’ve missed you” Lee then said to the packed audience. It was then onto The Other Side. Lyrically the main theme of this song is death. They powered through this song and Lee’s vocals were really strong. Midway through The Other Side Amy Lee moves over to the keyboard. The back drop displaying the bands name was amazing. Weight Of The World which featured on sophomore album The Open Door did garner alot of screams. This song was extremely heavy but Lee’s vocals were pitch perfect. Everyone was joining in with singing along to this powerful song. “Thankyou guys so much for believing in our act, Rock believes in you” Amy said before launching into another new song The Change. This song began with a gentle vibe and it showcased Lee’s impressive vocal range. The lyrics to this powerful song were amazing. Amy Lee moved over to the keyboad for the start of Made Of Stone. This song was rather powerful and Amy Lee belted out her vocals. There were a few gentle lines but when the band started to play that is when the song oozed plenty of energy. The piano was wheeled onto the stage for Rock Ballad Lost In Paradise. Lee delivered this song ever so beautifully and she is very talented on the piano.

Straight after it was into My Heart Is Broken. This is another ballad which Amy plays on the piano. But from the very start you had the rest of the band playing making this beautiful song sound rather heavy. The lyrics to this song were really lovely. Lithium had plenty of people singing along and it is another Rock Ballad which Amy started to play on the piano. “So normally this part of the set I get up from the piano, but it’s my husbands birthday tonight and I’m going to pull this song out after not releasing it for many weeks and play it for my husband” Lee said before playing Good Enough. This song was an last minute addition on the set list. Again this was piano driven ballad was played on the piano and Amy Lee’s sung this song beautifully. It was both mellowing and extremely gentle. Sick oozed plenty of energy and Lee strongly delivered this song to perfection. It was clear to see that she put everything into this song. Next it was Oceans which started with a big, low synth and a vocal, then the band kicked in. Amy then went over to the keyboard for Call Me When You’re Sober. The crowd were loving this song and the lyrics to it are fantastic. Plenty of people were singing along. This song is about Lee’s  ex-boyfriend Shaun Morgan and the lyrics clearly tell the story “Don’t cry to me/ If you loved me/ You would be here with me/ Don’t lie to me/ Just get your things/ I’ve made up your mind”.

The penultimate song did gain some screams. This being Imaginary which featured on debut album Fallen. They powered though this song and the whole crowd loved it. The night came to a close with the #1 single Bring Me To Life which got an rapturous reception. This song oozed energy and the crowd were rocking out to this song. Amy and the rest of the band exit the stage only to come back for an encore. “You guys are ready to go home yet” Amy said before launching into Never Look Back. This song talked about loss from the perspective of someone losing someone in a tragedy. The piano was again wheeled out for Your Star. Amy sung this song beautifully and strongly at the same time. “Thankyou guys so much, We’re going to do one more song for you, you’ve been an amazing audience. It’s been good to be back with you guys” Lee said before delivering the beautiful ballad My Immortal to perfection. Everyone in the HMV Apollo was singing along to this wonderful song. Towards the end Amy Lee got the audience to sing some of the lyrics. “Thankyou London, We love you” Lee said before making an triumphant exit with her band.


What You Want
Going Under
The Other Side
Weight of the World
The Change
Made of Stone
Lost in Paradise
My Heart Is Broken
Good Enough
Call Me When You’re Sober
Bring Me to Life


Never Go Back
Your Star
My Immortal

OVERALL: This was the first time I had witnessed Evanescence live and I was really surprised how laid back the crowd were. Yes the barrier was tightening from both sides but there was no pushing people to get to the front nor crowd surfers. With this being an Rock concert crowd surfers would of been how I would of perceived the night. As for the set by Evanescence words cannot describe how amazing it was. I will most certainly would see them when they are next back in London. Amy Lee had bundles of energy delivering every single note to perfection plus she made full use of the stage. Also the band were fantastic. The Pretty Reckless were the perfect addition to the bill. I enjoyed every single minute of the 9 song set. All I can say is that it was sexy and very sultry.


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