Veronica Falls @ Barfly 27th October 2011

The moment I saw Veronica Falls were headlining the Barfly I jumped at the chance of being there. They were the cover stars of the October issue of The Fly and you could only win a ticket through them. Unfortunately I was not one of the lucky ones to receive a ticket, so the moment I saw that they were putting some tickets on sale I snapped one up straight away. Even though this was the 4th time I had seen them play live, it was the 1st time I had witnessed them headline. This four piece consist of Patrick Doyle, Roxanne Clifford, James Hoare and Marion Herbain. Even though the bands debut album was weeks old it didn’t stop them from playing brand new songs. “Hello everyone, Nice to see you” James said to the intimate audience. Opening up the night was The Box which the band breezed through. I found the lyrics to be quite infectious. “Thanks very much for coming down tonight” Patrick said to the audience before they launched into the lovely Stephen. Even though this song features on the self titled debut album it also featured as the B Side to Found Love In A Graveyard. Second single Beachy Head which is in fact an notorious suicide spot was the next song on the night. The band powered through this song plus it was delivered at an fast pace. The one problem I had was that the instruments were drowning out the vocals. Brand new song Last Conversation was a real treat. “This is a new song not off the record” Hoare said to the audience. Lyrics wise this song was fantastic and it definately has to feature on the sophomore album. It was then straight into the debut single Found Love In A Graveyard. They stormed through this audience pleasing song and the lyrics were delivered superbly. The bands new single was up next and this was Bad Feeling and they breezed through this song at ease. Bury Me was next and this being a take on the Girls Names song. The chorus repeated the line “Bury Me Alive”. They stormed through Heart Beat and again it offered an insight of what the second album would sound like.  It was then onto Right Side Of My Brain and the song which followed was the short and sweet Wedding Day. Ending the night was Come On Over which was extremely strong. An unplanned encore of Starry Eyes capped off the wonderful evening.


The Box
Beachy Head
Last Conversation
Found Love In A Graveyard
Bad Feeling
Bury Me
Heart Beat
Right Side Of My Brain
Wedding Day
Come On Over


Starry Eyes


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