Pixie Lott @ HMV Forum 19th October 2011

The Q Awards hosted a series of gigs taking place over a matter of days. Jamie Cullum played at the HMV Forum the night before and this evening saw one special performance by Pixie Lott. I purchased a ticket to this event because Pixie Lott and Standing is something that doesn’t mix. Her Crazy Cats tour at the end of 2010 was all seated and that is the reason I wasn’t drawn to go to that tour. When I go to gigs I would like to be up close to the artist rather than being miles away. Still I turned up at the venue to find that there were already 11 people queueing. I had expected this as Pixie has a young fan base but I never would of predicted 11 people there at 3pm (the first two people in line had been there since the previous evening). Just waiting in the line was tense as another queue started to form consisting of guest list and VIP. This was slightly worrying as that queue was growing and people at the front of the queue I was in had been there for a long time. What I heard was the fact that VIP tickets were made available. Once 7pm came the thought of being at the barrier was evaporating as these VIP people were let in 10 minutes early. So it came to a great relief that I managed to secure a spot on the barrier. Pixie Lott took to the stage at 9pm barefoot and sporting a pair of cat ears. Lott then launched into brand new track Come Get It Now. The song itself is the opening track on the album Young Foolish Happy. This ballad was very upbeat and has some fantastic infectious lyrics. Once over it was straight into Turn It Up. Now this has to be my favourite song from the first album. It is bubblegum pop which is infectious. You are obliged to sing along with the up tempo chorus. I like the lines “I know you can’t stay, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the fall. We had our time, baby, so I won’t be waiting, anticipating for the call”. Why this song only charted at #11 I do not know.

 “Thanks so much for coming down tonight, this is a one off show and it’s so nice that all of you special fans have come down” Pixie said before she revealing that the next song had only been performed live one before.  The song in question being Nobody Does It Better. Now this song is different compared to what featured on the debut album. I found it to be very upbeat and it was delivered powerfully. The forthcoming single What Do You Take Me For was next on the night. There was a hint of RnB and the song sounded amazing. “Thankyou very much, the next one is from my first album” Lott said before launching into ballad Gravity. This song is soft, gentle and has a chorus which was belted out. “This next song is one of the newies, I wrote this one in LA” she then said to the audience before revealing that Stevie Wonder played the harmonica. The song in question was Stevie On The Radio. Mr Wonder was not there in person but this was one amazing song. This track was very upbeat and it’s chorus was very uplifting. It was then straight into Pixie’s 2nd #1 single Boys And Girls. This went down well with the crowd. I loved the pace and the beat/ lyrics were both infectious. You just want to join in with the chorus.

A take on Chris Brown’s Beautiful People was up next. When Lott decides to cover a song it always sounds incredible and she made this song her own. It really went down well with the crowd. “OK this next song is one of my favourites off the new album” Pixie said before revealing it was written with John Legend in New York. You Win was a beautiful ballad which sounded amazing. The song is soft, gentle and she nailed the vocal performance. It definately has potential to be a future single. “OK this next couple of songs we’re going to go back to the first album”. Again Cry My Out was an emotional ballad which was delivered strongly. I love this slow tempo ballad it was so beautiful. Mama Do followed on and this song was a right crowd pleaser. Plenty of people were singing along and there was plenty of crowd atmosphere. Once over Lott went off stage and the chants for more began. She then walked back onto the stage and sang another beautiful ballad this being Everyone Hurts Sometimes. Ex Busted member James Bourne wrote this song with Pixie. This slow tempo song was delivered to perfection. It was the last new song on the night and I most definately will buy Young Foolish Happy. “Thankyou so much, I have one more song to do before I scoot” Pixie said before revealing we had been an amazing crowd. All About Tonight wrapped up the night and this song is simply amazing. No wonder it hit top spot. The lyrics were incredible and so much energy oozed from the performance. The chorus was one you can just jump up and down too. All About Tonight was a floor filler and the rest of the crowd was loving this song by going crazy.


Come Get It Now
Turn It Up
Nobody Does It Better
What Do You Take Me For
Stevie On The Radio
Boys And Girls
Beautiful People
You Win
Cry Me Out
Mama Do


Everybody Hurts Sometimes
All About Tonight

OVERALL: The new tracks sounded amazing. Comparing them to material from the debut album I can say they are very different in style. Yes you have ballads such as Everybody Hurts Sometimes and You Win. But you also have songs such as What Do You Take Me For? and Nobody Does It Better which have a slight RnB vibe. All in all this was an amazing night which I well and truly enjoyed. However I can’t see Pixie offering standing as she has such a young audience.


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