Lauren Aquilina @ The Bedford 20th October 2011

After having watched Kate McGill play in a coffee shop it was then off to The Bedford to see another girl I really rate and this being Lauren Aquilina. I went to this gig with some friends which made it even more enjoyable. For those who don’t know Aquilina is only 16 years old, she’s half Maltease and already has her very own Youtube page which consists of cover songs and original content. You could think of her as a future Youtube sensation after the cover versions that are uploaded are incredible. The Who’s Laughing Now cover already has garnered near to 300,000 views. Back to the gig. The evening was in aid of Childline Rocks and also on the bill were Lauren Hogg and Jamie Abbott (whom were both extraordinary). But for me it was Aquilina that stole the show, even though she is just 16 Lauren seems so comfortable when her keyboard is in front of her. “Hi, I’m Lauren and I’m going to start with an original song” and this being Never Change. Aquilina powered through this song and her vocals were ever so powerful. Even if you close your eyes and just listen to the music you wouldn’t expect it to come from a 16 year old. Never Change showed off Aquilina’s talented song writing skills. It was then onto a serious song and this being Punished. Again this being another original and it was delivered perfectly. The song itself was extremely powerful. “I’m going to a cover now” Lauren said to the audience before going onto reveal she loves Ellie Goulding. This being Guns and Horses which sounded incredible. I’m a big Ellie fan but Aquilina did this song total justice. This Ellie song is not necessarily my favourite, but Lauren’s take on it has made me see it in a brand new perspective. “I’m going to do another original now, one of my most personal songs I’ve written” and this being More Than You. This song was extremely different compared to the opening two songs Never Change and Punished. Parts of this song were delivered strongly and just listening to the lyrics you can understand why Aquilina said this was one of her personal songs she had written. Actually this sad song, I begin to think this song tells the story of unrequited love. And could the same boy that Lauren is referring to in the lyrics be the boy in Never Change “He’s a cheat, He’s a liar, Set your heart on Fire” who knows or maybe I am just looking into it to deeply. Ending the set was the lively and uptempo Toy. Again Lauren just powers through it and it showcased her talented songwriting skills.


Never Change
Guns and Horses
More Than You

OVERALL: Nothing can fault Aquilina’s opening slot. The fact she decided to sing original songs were major plus points in my book as it shows she has real talent and will go far. This was Lauren’s 2nd ever gig (the first being at The Regal Room in August) and I reckon the more times she plays live the stronger she will get as a performer. I predict things will get rather interesting for Lauren Aquilina.


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