Kate McGill @ Caffè Nero, Haymarket 20th October 2011

“Hello, I was not expecting this many people” was Kate’s reaction to the packed audience. Now this gig was extremely surreal and a first for me. Kate McGill who is an extraordinary artist had released her debut album Replaced which was exclusively sold at Caffè Nero chains. Hence the Caffè Nero tour with this date being the 33rd and last date. This tour has seen Kate perform all around the country. The first song on the night being the title track of the mini album and this being Replaced. Now this song is incredible. The lyrics were really beautiful and it was delivered gently. My favourite part had to chorus. It was then onto  Cursed. This song had a fast tempo plus it was belted out at the same time. The energy just flowed from this performance. It was then onto another McGill track I had not heard performed live and this being The Key. “This one’s kinda about marriage and religion and stuff” Kate said before launching into the song. The Key was one hell of a tune. McGill’s vocals were sickly sweet, the song was uptempo and infectious. It was then onto Kate’s very own take on The A Team which was originally sung by Ed Sheeran. “Sorry if I forget the lyrics, I haven’t so far but you never know” McGill then went onto say. She breezed through this song and it felt like it was meant for her. It actually prefer Kate’s version compared to Ed’s. Her vocals were incredible and ever so sweet. Taking on a song as well known as that is a risk but McGill pulled it off. I have only heard two artists cover this song and both have sung outstanding versions of it. The penultimate song of the evening being Look Down. This had to be my favourite McGill  song. The chorus was fantastic and yet again nothing could fault the vocals. I also like the fact that it oozed energy and the chorus was very uptempo. The final song ending the Caffè Nero tour was Diamonds & Waste. Now the chorus to this song was strong and infectious as well (the chorus is energetic and uptempo). Kate is a formidable guitar player. That song wrapped up an stunning evening.


The Key
The A Team
Look Down
Diamonds & Waste

OVERALL: Kate breezed through this 6 song set at ease. It was over before it begun. I really enjoyed the night and I look forward to seeing her play live again. McGill has something truly amazing and she is ever so talented. I’m hoping that the fact she has her debut mini album out there will be plenty more to come from her in the future. Kate McGill is someone you have to check out. I really rate her and she has featured on this blog before. As for the evening my experience was rather surreal but fantastic at the same time.


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