The Receeders @ Barfly 11th October 2011


The Receeders is the Punk side project by the one and only Kate Nash. The other members of this 3 piece were Brett Alaimo and  Jon Jackson. This was the bands 5th gig over the space of 3ish years. Once the doors opened at 8pm I went upstairs and just sat on the floor until the first support band took to the stage. The one problem about The Receeders is the fact there is nothing about them on the internet. Yes there are mentions of the bands name but there is no where you can go and listen to music by them. I would love to hear a EP showcasing the material they sing live (Noah and the Whale did the same with The A Sides and Green Day released an album as the Foxboro Hot Tubs). This may be a problem though as there is already a band called The Receeders. Opening up on the night were Shuga who took to the stage at 8.30pm. I really liked them but my only regret is not getting one of those home made demo cds. They have a gig at the Water Rats on the 24th October which I am tempted to go to As for Supercute what can I say apart from the fact I thought they were amazing. I hadn’t heard any music by them prior but I knew Kate really liked them. In fact Nash thinks so much of them she is even producing the bands debut album. Supercute consisted of Rachel Trachtenburg (1/3 of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) and Julia Cumming. It is hard to believe they’re just teenage girls whom have some wonderful Anti Folk songs under their belts. The set played was just kept to just 9 songs within the alloted 30 minutes. You couldn’t help but smile throughout the performance. The fact it was acoustic was fantastic and the Paint It Black cover was incredible also it was delivered when playing mini ukes. Candy City featured on the debut self titled EP Supercute which was released last year. The lyrics are pretty clever and you can easily picture a image of this Candy City. “This next song is about an experience we had with three baby turtles we bought on the street” Rachel then said before launching into Salmonella. Again the lyrics make you vividly picture the experience they had. Throughout the song there is a steady tempo. Love Love Leave Love was the 5th song on the night and Julia said it was about the many loves of our (their) lives. This song which is taken from the debut album shows alot of promise of whats to come from it. Kate Nash then joined on bass for the remainder of the set plus Fern Ford was on drums. The song about the relationship of Candy and Drugs was amazing and infectious as well. I really hope this song features on the album. After Rachel described what Smors are. The set ended with Cat Call which was slightly heavy and uptempo as well.

Headlining the night was Kate Nash’s side project The Receeders. I had previously attended the 2nd gig at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen January 2010. Back then they were supporting and this time they were headlining. This time they had plenty more material and as I hadn’t heard anything from the band (apart from the songs they sang back then) I did not know the song titles of each song. Opening up the set was Sha La La which was extremely powerful. It was like a full on force and some of the lyrics get embedded in your head especially the Sha La La’s. “We’re The Receeders, Thanks for coming” Kate said before they launched intp the third song which was Don’t Tell Me. For this song I have still got the way Kate was singing the lines Don’t Tell Me in my head. For The Conga Line Song Brett urged everyone to get in a Conga Line. Technically it wasn’t a song it was an instrumental with some epic guitar riffs. After the song Kate asked if there was anyone that could lend them a snare as Jon Jackson fist went straight through the drum skin. Fern Ford leant a snare and after a brief pause it was onto the next song which was like a whirlwind and oozed plenty of energy. “This is the first song The Receeders ever wrote” Kate said before playing the aptly titled The First One. This song was rather strong and went down well with the crowd. “This is the very new one now” Brett said to the audience before launching into the newest Receeders. The New One was another short track and Brett sang most of this song with Kate joining in. It was a nice powerful song. “It’s The End” Nash said once the song was over. People then wanted more which then lead into one last song.  “This is our Pop Tune people” Kate then said before launching into the final song of the night and this being the song that opened up the set Sha La La.

OVERALL: I really enjoyed this night.

First there was three piece Shuga. The bands set captivated me from beginning to end. Yes it was a bit heavy but they had some really good songs which have esulted in me keeping tabs on them.

Secondly you had Supercute and this duo were incredible. I long to see them again. Yes they may be really young but they have something special. For starters Kate Nash has seen that as has been producing their debut album. I loved the fact they played acoustic and I also had the sense they were having fun when singing their songs to a captivated audience. Keep an eye out for them. This won’t be the last time they feature on this blog.

Last of all The Receeders. They may be a side project band but I long for the day they step out of the shadows and there is more ways in which you can find info or material by them on the internet. Maybe more gigs. Maybe The Receeders could open up for Kate Nash. This band are amazing and all three members are stars. I love the Punk Rock vibe of each song, I love the fact they ooze plenty of energy. If I had to compare the style to a Kate Nash song it would have to be Model Behaviour.


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