Kyla La Grange @ Hoxton Bar & Kitchen 13th October 2011

This was only the 3rd time I had seen Kyla La Grange perform live and she is an outstanding talent. This night was extremely special as it was the launch of La Grange’s new single Heavy Stone which was being sold in advance at the merchandise desk. There were two support acts on the night and one being Bears Den who sounded amazing. It was 10pm when Kyla La Grange took to the stage. Now I fell in love with her music when I decided to scout her out at The Great Escape. That then resulted me in going to the Been Better single launch. Firstly I must say the set design was fantastic it was like a forest. As soon as La Grange took to the stage the band launched into Walk. I see this tune having single potential as it’s really infectious and extremely uptempo. After plenty of cheers it was then straight into the debut release Walk Through Walls. There were echoes of Coco Sumner within her vocals. It was an upbeat song with fantastic lyrics. Plenty of energy oozed from this song. “Thankyou so much, this is already definately the best cowd I’ve ever had” Kyla said before launching into the Walk Through Walls B Side Courage. Her vocals were stunning and very distinctive as well. I really Courage its steady pace and the lyrics fitted perfectly with the melody. Actually I was reminded of a EMA song. “This next song we’re going to play was the last single” Kyla said before they launched themselves into Been Better. This tune sounded fantastic and La Grange’s vocals were stunning. It may of sounded heavy as I was standing right at the front but Kyla’s vocals were really gentle. There was a strong Folk vibe during this song. To Be Torn was a beautiful song the vocals were superb. The opening lines of the song was in the style of Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights. Kyla’s vocal range was stunning and this tune was really entrancing. “I hope you like our trees” Kyla said before saying that each time they gig it would look like a forest. Vampire Smile was played at a steady tempo and it was also belted out. This song has to feature on the debut album. “We kinda started a tradition not playing the songs which are the single at the end” La Grange said before launching into Heavy Stone. This song was sung at a fast pace and was really powerful at the same time. Again there was a Folk feel to this tune. It was then onto Catalyst everyone was told to be quiet throughout this song. This sounded amazing. Kyla mentioned they played it for the first time at the last launch and really enjoyed it. Catalyst was a complete cracker. The night ended with Lambs the AA of the newest single. This steady paced song had fantastic lyrics which were delivered to perfection. I am so happy that this song has been released as it has huge potential. Once over the band went to the side of the stage only to come back on for the encore moments later. “There’s no backstage so we just go over there” Kyla said to the audience. The choice of encore song was the upbeat As If. La Grange went onto say she wanted to end on something miserable. Still other than being upbeat As If was uptempo, powerful and infectious at the same time.


Walk Through Walls
Been Better
To Be Torn
Vampire Smile
Heavy Stone


As If

OVERALL: Kyla La Grange was phenomenal. The songs that she sung were vocally perfect and oozed plenty of energy. I fully expect them to all feature on the forthcoming debut album (apart from Courage as that was released as a B Side). La Grange is someone you need to keep tabs on. She has something special and the fact that she designed the set was incredible. I can see her progressing and getting better each time she performs live.


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