The Darkness @ 100 Club 10th October 2011

Glam Rock came to the 100 Club in form of The Darkness whom had recently re united at the beginning of the year. This gig was built as a warm up show as the band were heading off to Tokyo for the Loud Park festival. I arrived at the venue at 3pm there was only one person standing outside. The main reason in getting there that early was down to the fact it was sold out and the fact I didn’t have anything to judge it on. Even though I am a fan of the bands music this was the first time I had witnessed them live. When this gig was announced I knew it would be special and it was just that. When the doors opened at 7.30pm only 44 people were queueing up. Now this was shocking considering that the original line up had reformed plus they had a #1 album with Permission To Land. Once inside I went straight to the front and the stage was massive length wise. Just being at venues like this seem really surreal as you are up close to the artist. Supporting on the night were Dark Stares and they were actually really good live. I thoroughly enjoyed the bands 30 minute set.

When Dark Stares had finished it was time to set up the stage for the headline act. It looked like I would be no where near Justin as his mic was about a metre away from me. I was then very lucky that they chose to move speaker I was standing next to nearer to where Justin would be. So that then resulted in me moving along then finding myself slightly to the left of him (well I wanted to take some good pictures and it is better to be closer to the artist than being far back). The band then took to the stage with a backing track of bagpipes playing. Justin Hawkins looked very much like Guy Fawkes with his moustache and beard. Opening up the night was new song Every Inch. I really liked this new song and I am guessing this would be the opening song of the November tour as it’s called the Every Inch Of UK Tour. Still this upbeat song went down well with the crowd. “Thanks everybody” Justin Hawkins then said to the crowd before delving into Love On The Rocks With No Ice. Justin has a cracking pair of lungs he managed to hit the high notes at ease. Midway through the song, Justin Hawkins gets a ride through the crowd on someone’s shoulders whilst never missing a note on his guitar. There were some amazing guitar riffs during this song. “Give me a D, give me a Arkness” Justin said to the audience before launching into the infectious song Love Is Only A Feeling. The chorus had to be my favourite part of this song. “You having a fun time. Fun times. I can see lots of old faces from yester year and some new faces from now a year” Justin went on to say before launching into B Side The Best Of Me. This was the first time I had heard this song and I am astounded it only featured as a B Side to Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman. The song was superbly sung and the lyrics were amazing. “Haven’t played that one for ages must of been 7 years. We are going to play another oldie worldy one from yester year”. This song being Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us which had a furious pace. This song pre dates before Permission To Land. Still this song oozed plenty of energy and it was a real crowd pleaser.

“We would like to play a song that’s more familiar now, Any requests?” Justin said before “I’m not asking you because you’re reading my set list and that’s cheating”. The song next was Black Shuck. Again this song oozed plenty of energy and Justin pointed the mic to people in the crowd as people were chanting Black Shuck back to him. Justin then asked the crowd if they could pick any Darkness B Side what would it be?. The B Side that was sung was Planning Permission. This song was rather powerful and was a right treat. One Way Ticket followed on and this is one infetious song. You feel obliged to sing along to this song which oozed plenty of energy. Cannonball was played straight after and this being a song which features on the untitled third album. “It’s a bit weird not having a barrier” Justin went onto say after delivering this new song to perfection. It was then onto Is It Just Me? the only other song to feature from sophomore album One Way Ticket To Hell And Back. “We’re going to do a song that not many people in the room will actually know, bet your really looking forward to that” Hawkins said to the crowd. This song being Pat Pong you may think it’s a new song but Justin said they wrote it ages ago and never performed it. I quite like this tune it sounds really different compared to the others. “According to my set list it’s all winners from here on in”. Justin sings the some of Friday Night as a acapella before launching into the full blown band version. The chorus is incredible and it is one that got the crowd moving (well the crowd were energetic throughout the set). The final new song of the night was Concrete. I look forward to hearing the studio version of this song and the same applies to the other newies. The third album is looking like it will be a complete cracker judging on what I have heard. The last 5 songs on the night were material from debut Permission To Land. The first being Givin’ Up which was a right crowd pleaser and there were some amazing guitar riffs. Justin then sang the chorus a couple of more times before they got it right “This is supposed to be a warm up for Japan. So it’s worth getting it right”. They got it right on the second try. This then lead to Stuck In A Rut. “Who remembers 2003? I don’t” Justin Hawkins said before launching into Growing On Me. This is probably the closest to Pop Rock The Darkness would get. This song was infectious and had a delicious chorus you would want to sing along to. The bands first ever single Get Your Hands Off Of My Woman was the peultimate song of the night. Justin had a fan finish off this song. “When we do this in Japan we are probably going to go off stage now and pretend it’s like the end of the set” Justin went onto say. The Darkness then rip it up with well known hit I Believe In A Thing Called Love. This song was fast in tempo and there was plenty of energy plus the crowd were loving this final song. They definately still have it after 5 years apart


Every Inch
Love On The Rocks With No Ice
Love Is Only A Feeling
The Best Of Me
Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us
Black Shuck
Planning Permission
One Way Ticket
Is It Just Me?
Pat Pong
Friday Night
Givin’ Up
Stuck In A Rut
Growing On Me
Get Your Hands Off My Woman
I Believe In A Thing Called Love

OVERALL: The Darkness were amazing, the set list was fantastic. I’m loving the new songs plus the old ones being Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us and Pat Pong. 100 Club is very intimate so there was plenty of pushing and the temperature had risen during the set. My memorable moments have to be Justin pointing the mic at me during Black Shuck and nearly being kicked in the head by Hawkins when he jumped after the end of each song. This was my first time I had seen The Darkness play live and I enjoyed it so much I would go to see them live again. One problem is nothing would match up to the 100 Club show. For fans of The Darkness I am guessing this set list was perfect.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. McLovin says:

    Dark Stares were amazing! Loved their set and their EP

  2. mushu60Mushu says:

    Dark Stares was great too.
    The Darkness is one of my favourite live i’ve ever seen, good ambiance!

    To the photograph : I was the great French just near you 😉

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