Charlie Simpson @ Station Sessions, Kings Cross St Pancras 6th October 2011

Taking place at Kings Cross Station is the Station Sessions. I have attended a couple of these but when I heard about this one I knew it would be big. I arrived around 5.30pm expecting there not to be alot of people there at that time. So once I was there I saw a gathering of Charlie Simpson fans around the front of the stage. I would say there were no more than 20 people there. Once I reached where the stage was I managed to slip my way though to where the barrier was. If I decided to leave and come back 10 minutes before the support there would be no way I would of managed to get back to my space. So I then decided just to stick where I was. It was only 30 minutes till Lexy took to the stage. Originally it was billed as Charlie Nasher supporting Charlie so I am guessing the change was very last minute. Still Lexy is definately one to look out for. This female singer was incredible. Her music captivated me straight away. From the moment she sung Robot during her sound check I knew I would take a instant liking to her music. Songs that she sung included Robot, Rabbit Trap and Death Wish. I most definately would like to see her play again and hear more music by her.

Hello eveyone, How you all doing?” Simpson said before launching into Thorns. Now this song was extremely upbeat and infectious. I would love this to be the follow up to Cemetery. During the song Charlie started laughing but then delivered the rest of the song to perfection. Cemetery followed on and this was a crowd pleasing song. The lyrics were fantastic and the harmonising was spot on. My favourite part of this song had to be the chorus. This being the next single should do really well. The first single of Young Pilgrim was next and this being Down Down Down. The folk roots are clear to see when you hear this song. This song is infectious and towards the end it felt like a hoe down. The harmonising was again spot on. “So I want to dedicate this next song to a brilliant brilliant man who sadly past away yesterday called Steve Jobs” Charlie said to the audience. This song being the beautiful ballad Sundown which was slow in tempo. “OK I’m going to play a song off a EP I released at the beginning of this year”. That EP being the Pledge only When We Were Lions and the track being If I Hide, Will You Come Looking?.   The folk vibe is very strong throughout the song and it was delivered superbly. Next it was onto a hoe down verion of Parachute. Now this version of the song incredible and incredibly special as it wont happen again. This was extremely infectious and its melody gel perfectly to the lyrics. The chorus is one you are obliged to sing along to. Actually there the harmonising reminded me of Vida La Vida by Coldplay. Before the final song of the night Simpson took a picture of the audience using the camera on his phone. The evening ended with the epic Farmer & His Gun. This was a great song and the lyrics were fantastic: “Run run rabbit run. Just don’t get caught out by the farmer and his gun. Well hide hide rabbit hide, It’s best to lose yourself before you ever lose your pride”. This song was very upbeat and the chorus sounded uplifting.


Down Down Down
If I Hide, Would You Come Looking?
Farmer & His Gun

OVERALL: First I will start off with Lexy. One word Incredible someone you have to check out. Her official site is then you have links to her very own Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. I for one was to hear more from her and this is not the last time she will be mentioned on this blog. As for Charlie Simpson the short 30 minute set was both special and incredible. It is always a treat to hear music that is stripped back and going to a gig at a train station is extremely surreal. I would say Thorns and Farmer & His Gun definately have potential to be future singles.


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