Slow Club @ Barfly 30th September 2011

This gig at the intimate Barfly was billed as the End Of Tour party. Earlier on in the week the bad played their biggest show to date at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. So seeing them play at this intimate venue was quite something. You could only win tickets through The Fly but a limited amount of tickets were made available to purchase. I then snapped up a ticket straight away. The support came from Sex Hands but I didn’t really take to the band. At 9.30pm Slow Club took to the stage and immediately launched into the forthcoming single Where I’m Waking.  The verses were shared between Charles and Rebecca. This song was extremely infectious. The song itself oozed plenty of energy. It was then straight into the first oldie of the night. Our Most Brilliant Friends was delivered strongly and is fast flowing at the same time. “Is everyone OK, okay nice one. Is everyone just a little too warm. I like to say a collective prayer for this hot weather to go away” Rebecca said to the audience. The next song on the night was Never Look Back. Again like the Shepherd’s Bush show there were no cheers whatsoever when Taylor announced what song they were playing. This is a nice laid back song which gets stronger as the song progresses. The tempo of this song started off slow but picks up. “Thankyou” Charles Watson said after the song had achieved plenty of applause. “This is a oldie then” Rebecca said before they launched themselves into the mellowing I Was Unconcious, It Was A Dream. “This is a quiet oldie as well so shut the f*ck up” Taylor joked to the audience. Once over everyone moved forward closer to the stage. “This is another oldie YAY and then we’ll do more newies YAY” Rebecca said to the intimate audience. The one thing I love about Rebecca is she is a big kid at heart and her banter can easily make you smile.

The song which followed on was Come On Youth which Charles played on his banjo. The song is actually very soothing and the banjo worked wonders. Beginners was next and Rebecca took to the guitar. This song was sung by Taylor and it was ever so hypnotic. This powerful song had infectious lyrics. A double dose of Charles songs were next and the first being Horses Jumping. Rebecca harmonises towards the end. This was a gentle song and quiet at the same time. It is ashame there was talking when the song started. “We’ve got three more songs, too many. This is one called The Doggie” Taylor said before they launched into the song. This song oozes plenty of energy and it hits you in the face as soon as it stars. The Dog was extremely powerful and it felt like a hurricane it was over before it began. “This is a sad song, if you imagine Charles” Taylor said as Watson pulled a sad face. It was onto Only If You’re Certain which was delivered perfectly by Rebecca. This song was ever so entrancing and Charles adds the harmonies. The penultimate song was Hackney Marsh which was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca harmonising. Steven Black’s sax solo was amazing. “Every night he gets the biggest clap and cheer, I wrote the b*stards part” Taylor went onto say as there was a rapture of applause for the sax solo. “Thankyou everyone, this is our last song” Charles said before launching into the current single Two Cousins. This song was really infectious and you’ree captivated from the very start. Also it was very upbeat. The band leave the stage only to return for the encore. “Hiya, Showbiz where we go off and then we come back on” Rebecca went onto say before launching into one last song. This being Giving Up On Love and Rebecca urged everyone to jump up and down. This song was highly infectious and uptempo with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozed from this song.


Where I’m Waking
Our Most Brilliant Friends
Never Look Back
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Come On Youth
Horses Jumping
The Dog
Only If You’re Certain
Hackney Marsh
Two Cousins


Giving Up On Love


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