Slow Club @ Shepherd’s Bush Empire 26th September 2011

This was the biggest venue that Slow Club had headlined. For the first time ever when it came to doors, they only opened up just the one which was for people whom were seating in the upper levels. This did cause a little confusion as people were waiting where the doors were for downstairs standing. Maybe they chose to do that because around 20 people were queueing. Who knows? Even though I was the first at the venue I was 5th going in as I had been waiting at the wrong door. However the people in front had bags and were friends resulting in me being able to stroll to the front. After wonderful sets by Sweet Baboo, Tom Williams & The Boat and Spector it was then over to the main act. I have seen Slow Club play on many occasions and it is nice to see them headline such a lovely venue. At 9.30pm the duo took to the stage and immediately launched into the forthcoming single Where I’m Waking.  The verses were shared between Charles and Rebecca. This song was extremely infectious. It was then straight into the first oldie of the night. This being the last track on debut album Yeah So. Our Most Brilliant Friends was delivered strongly and is fast flowing at the same time. “Hiya, you all alright? Thanks so much for coming. This is the biggest gig we’ve ever done so it’s no big deal” Rebecca Taylor said before they launched into another track from sophomore album Paradise. If We’re Still Alive is extremely uptempo and the lyrics were really catchy. This song was delivered strongly and you could feel the energy oozing through it. “Thankyou. We’ve got a few more people playing with us tonight, so we’re going to play some songs off our new album” Charles Watson then said to the audience. Charles was referring to the fact they had a strings section. It was then onto the laid back Never Look Back. This was a nice gentle song and there was a slow pace which picked up nearer the end. The parts Rebecca sang were belted out.

Thanks. We’re going to play a few old songs now” Charles said before launching into Come On Youth. Watson was playing on his brand new banjo. There was so much energy put into this song. It was delivered to perfection plus it is a beautiful song which I haven’t heard live since last years Xmas show. It was then onto I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream.  The verses and chorus were fantastic. The majority is sung by Charles with Rebecca providing the harmonies. It was onto my favourite song from Paradise it is also Rebecca’s favourite as well and the song in question is Beginners. The majority of this song was sung by Rebecca. It was uptempo, upbeat and infectious as well. After Rebecca and Charles introduced the band before launching into another newie Horses Jumping which Charles sang the majority of. This was a gentle song and towards the end Rebecca harmonised. The Dog then immediately followed on. Again it was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca adding the harmonies. The song was very uptempo plus it oozed plenty of energy. Once over Watson thanked everyone who helped make Paradise. “This is a song about. I’m trying to link it” Taylor said before launching into the beautiful Only If You’re Certain. I love this song so much Rebecca’s vocals are so hypnotic and soothing at the same time. Charles also added the harmonies. However this song does not feature on the album but it will feature on the forthcoming EP which will be released early next year. Hackney Marsh was the penultimate song on the night. It was mainly sung by Watson with Taylor harmonising perfectly. There was also a epic Sax Solo by Steve “Sweet Baboo” Black. “Thanks so much for being so brilliant and thanks for giving a sh*t” Taylor said before ending the night with the current single Two Cousins. This song was really infectious and you’ree captivated from the very start. Also it was very upbeat. The band leave the stage only to return for what would be a two song encore. “Thanks to everyone who had been to see us like over the last few years” Charles said before launching into the wonderful Gold Mountain. Charles mainly sings this song with Rebecca adding the harmonies. Gold Mountain was slow paced and is extremely beautiful. The evening ended with the rip roaring Giving Up On Love. This song was highly infectious and uptempo with lyrics you just want to sing along to. There is also loads of energy which oozed from this song. “I feel like a total dick doing two encores” Watson said before they both launched Christmas TV. This was extremely special because both Charles and Rebecca came to the edge of the stage and sung this Christmas song acapella.


Where I’m Waking
Our Most Brilliant Friends
If We’re Still Alive
Never Look Back
Come On Youth
I Was Unconscious, It Was A Dream
Horses Jumping
The Dog
Only If You’re Certain
Hackney Marsh
Two Cousins


Gold Mountain
Giving Up On Love


Christmas TV

OVERALL: Originally this gig was supposed to take place in May then got rescheduled. I was looking forward to the gig so much I decided to keep the ticket. Rebecca was wearing her Sheffield Wednesday dress which she got made (originally she was hoping to wear it for the Koko show last year but it wasn’t finished in time). Still this night was extremely special and my love of Slow Club just grows and grows. The new album Paradise is a classic. You can definately see the progression of their music when comparing it to Yeah So. I look forward to seeing the band play live again and the forthcoming Xmas show at Union Chapel is a must.


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