Soko @ The Borderline 20th September 2011

Soko gigs are hard to come by. Once one is confirmend you have to book straight away. I only found out about this gig a couple of days prior and purchased a ticket straight away . Thankfully the gig was on the Tuesday and slotted in fine as I was to see Adele on the Monday and Avril Lavigne on Wednesday. I turned up to The Borderline just after 5pm. I had Box Office collection you see and thought I could get my ticket then and go off. Unfortunately I had to wait until the doors opened at 7pm. Fast foward two hours the doors open and everyone filters through the entrance. Being the first in the venue I decided to go to the front of the stage and just sit on the floor until the support We Were Evergreen took to the stage. Basically this night was a French Invasion as the support also came from France. Many people in the audience were from Europe to. The support act grew on me and they are definately a band I would like to hear more material by. It was around 9.40pm when the main act took to the stage. “Hi my name’s Soko, I haven’t played in London for a while so I’m pretty excited and thankyou for being here, it’s so many smiley faces“. You can’t help but smile and laugh at her songs Soko is an outstanding recording artist and I look forward to the debut album I Thought I Was An Alien 6th February next year. My Nickname Should Be Crybaby kicked things off and it was rather pacey. After plenty of applause it was then onto For Marlon. This was a quiet song which sounded beautiful at the same time too. It was then onto Treat Your Woman Right. I really liked the use of Gillian playing the violin during this song. “Thanks so much for being so quiet” Soko said to the intimate audience before launching into We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow. “This next song is called No More Home, No More Love the story of my life” Soko said before introducing Gillian and her brother Max. No More Home, No More Love was delivered perfectly I liked the songs folkness. “I was really in love with a girl one day and every single girl I liked after her was just looking like her” she then said before launching into Pale Cookies Of Your Insane Beauty. This was a fantastic song with a stunning opening. Even though this was a brilliant song I cannot see it appearing on the debut album. It was then straight into I Just Wanna Make A Meal With You. I really liked this song as it had some brilliant lyrics which geled with the melody. “This is called I’ve Been Alone Too Long another of my upbeat cheerful songs, it’s like a Summer hit or something” everyone laughed when Soko said this. I’ve Been Alone Too Long was a soft song and was delivered powerfully at the same time. First Love Never Dies was next then the music stops for a little bit “Forgot to say something about this song this is called First Love Never Dies and it’s going to be the first single from my first album” Soko then said to the audience. I don’t know what songs will feature on the debut album but just hearing this song I can tell it will be a stand out track. It was then onto one of my personal highlights of the night. Something a tad special this being a brand new song Soko had only finished a couple of days ago. This being Wishful Thinking it was so new Gillian had to keep Soko’s notebook open so she knew the lyrics to the song. It was then onto another new song called For Marc. Only the song was taking to long to find so Soko decided to scrap that and play Little Mermaid Man instead. This was a soft quiet song which got powerful when nearing the end. I hope I will hear a studio version of this track in the future. Trapped In Freedom was next and it was about a building in Hackney. This again was another powerful song and Soko belted it out by putting ever ounce of energy into it. There was plenty of audience participation for Happy Hippie Birthday. Everyone was chanting during this song. “I need you to sound like little angels”. When the audience did this it is quite haunting. The song starts gentle and towards the end it gets more stronger. “I’m really glad coz I have so many songs but I only have 15 written down that I can remember the titles” Soko said before launching into Why Don’t You Eat Me Now. Soko then joked by saying “It’s a vegan song not a porn song”. This short song recieved a rapturous applause. Soko showed off her drum skills for Nervous Breakdown and this song was extremely uptempo and upbeat at the same time. Now if you are ever going to shout out a song in hope that Soko will sing never ever suggest I Kill Her “I really don’t kill people, I hate that song”. The night ended with You Have The Power On Me. This was one strong song and once it was over I stayed for a little, met Soko then made my way home.


My Nickname Should Be Crybaby
For Marlon
Treat Your Woman Right
We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
No More Home, No More Love
Pale Cookies Of Your Insane Beauty
I Just Wanna Make A Meal With You
I’ve Been Alone Too Long
First Love Never Dies
Wishful Thinking
Little Mermaid Man
Trapped In Freedom
Happy Hippie Birthday
Why Don’t You Eat Me Now?
Nervous Breakdown
You Have The Power On Me


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