Emmy The Great @ Cecil Sharp House 17th September 2011

Cecil Sharp House was the location for the London date of the current tour. This was the first time I had been to this venue so I arrived about 3 hours prior to doors as I wanted to make sure I did not get lost trying to find it. The weather wasn’t at all great so I decided to stay inside and use the free Wi Fi while waiting for the doors to open. So when the time did come everyone filtered through the doors into this massive hall. Once inside I chose to sit down on the wooded floor. 90 minutes later it was time for Emma Lee Moss totake to the stage under the guise of Emmy The Great. I hadn’t seen her play since Owl Parliament in 2010. As soon as she took to the stage she slightly knocked a guitar over which then pushed a speaker onto the floor. The fact everyone chose to sit down during the set was quite bizarre. Maybe people chose to do that because the stage was so low down. A couple of people at the front were standing during the open number Eastern Maria. This song which doesn’t feature on albums First Love or Virtue sounding stunning. “Oh no, do you want to stand?  Lets work this out. You could stand there. Shall we divide the room?” Emmy said as the people standing bowed down to peer pressure. It was then onto the light sounding We Almost Had A Baby. I loved its steady tempo and it sounds ever so beautiful. It was the onto the fun Dinosaur Sex again it had a steady pace. The lyrics to this song were brilliant. “I feel oblige to point out Dinosaur Sex lead to Fossil Fuels. We get attacked on blogs now, Science blogs” after one lyric in the song was Dinosaur Sex led to nothing. It was then onto another track from Virtue and this being Exit Night. There was a fast pace to this song. “I’m really excited, about a year ago when I was writing this piece of thing. I was in a really bad place and I was reading this crazy book and they were not helping, but then I found another book, it was about stories and it really helped and it changed my life for the better. A few books of hers have been ripped off in this set”. Moss said before revealing that the author was actually in the audience. It was then onto Paper Forest 2 which again appears on Virtue. I really like this pacey song and I especially like the lyrics of this song. The current single Iris followed on. This song is slowly growing on me but I wouldn’t of picked it to be the first single from the new album. “Such a stunning venue, I’ve walked past it alot of times. And everything that you thought would happen in here does happen in here. There is a library over where apparently the librarian can tell you a lyric from any song of the folk variety. There are elderly people Morris Dancing downstairs. There is a sign on the bannister reminding you that it’s steep and not to fall off it. It’s nice here” Moss went onto say before introducing the band. Cassandra was up next and it was delivered to perfection. Emma’s vocals were so powerful. “When we were in the middle of the riot, in the city we shall remember. She tweeted from America that she was going to come down and hand out Mars Bars to the rioters and tea. That p*ssed me off . So for a while I changed the lyrics to the song. It sounded like I liked her. But it sounded bitter . The song is back to normal but we’re still not good. It’s getting better”. The song was MIA and it is one I love. This mellowing song has tremendous lyrics which I adored. Paper Forest 1 proceeded MIA and this was the original version of the song. After a little bit of tuning it was onto Creation. Following on was God Of Lonliness which does not appear on the UK version of Virtue. The song itself it rather pacey and why it only appeared as a bonus track in Japan I do not know. “We have a cover for you. Other than this place right here, right now it’s where we wish we were” Emma said before the band launched into Island In The Sun. This take on this Weezer song was outstanding. They definately made it their own. First Love is another nice song. I liked the lines “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, And the sky was so much bluer”. First Love was a beautiful song which sounded sublime. “Do you all have drinks? This is Jenny’s last show with us. She actually is only subbing for someone today”. Emma said before launching into the penultimate song North. Ending the spectacular night was Trellik Tower. This was one amazing song and very slow in pace. The band leave the stage only for Emma to come back seconds later. “You got any requests?” Moss said which resulted in loads of people shouting out song titles. The encore kicked off with 24. This is a nice slow song which has really good lyrics. I amount of times I hear this song the stronger my love of it grows. After a rapture of applause the rest of the band take to the stage. “Jenny is back” Moss then said before launching into First Love song Easter Parade. I love this mellowing song and this has to be one of my favourite Emmy tracks along with MIA. Things then came to a close with Edward Is Dedward. This night was amazing I never knew how much I missed seeing Emmy The Great live. The new tracks sound amazing and they still have the folk vibe. Comparing debut to sophomore you do notice a difference. Emmy The Great has progressed and I am looking forward to hearing more new material in the future.


Eastern Maria
We Almost Had A Baby
Dinosaur Sex
Exit Night
Paper Forest 2
Paper Forest 1
God Of Lonliness
Island In The Sun
First Love
Trelik Tower


Easter Parade
Edward Is Dedward


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