Adele @ HMV Apollo 19th September 2011

Finding the time to arrive at a gig can be quite confusing. I decided to get to the HMV Apollo early mainly due to the fact Adele has blown everyone out of the water ever since the Brits performance of Someone Like You. Current album 21 is also predicted to have reached the 13 million mark by Christmas. Putting all this into perspective I arrived at the venue at 11am. There was just one other Adele fan outside the Apollo. I had expected a couple but wasn’t majorly surprised with there being 1 other person at that time. What really shocked me was that the 3rd person did not arrive till 3.15pm. It shows that you can mis judge on the right time to queue. Once doors opened at 6.30pm it was then a 2hr 30 minute wait till Adele took to the stage. Still the support acts were really good. The Civil Wars are definately a duo I would see again. As for Amos Lee he took to the stage a couple of minutes after The Civil Wars. I was not taken aback by his set but still I would give him another listen to as his muic could be a grower.

After cancelling a number of shows seeing Adele live was definately a hot tick. She took to the stage at 9pm. Well that is when the show kicked off. Adele appeared as a silhouette behind the curtain for the first couple of lines of Hometown Glory. She then took to the stage and took in the atmosphere then went back to the microphone to deliver the song faultlessly. “London, you look stunning, thankyou so much for coming. I’ve been sh***ing myself all day long. I got here about 4 ‘o’ clock and I’ve been really stressed just for no reason coz I knew you would come and I knew you would be wonderful. I’ve been ill this is my 5th show on this tour and it should be my 11th as I had to cancel aload of shows as I had a respiratory infection. So bear with me I’m still a little bit raspy but I’m going to do my best”. It was then onto the soulful I’ll Be Waiting which was spine tingling. Even though Adele said she was a bit raspy she hit every single note perfectly. “Thankyou very much. Can I have the lights on again so I can see everyone upstairs as well? I love seeing you, thankyou so much for coming. I’ve always wanted to play here, I’ve come to so many gigs here. I sang one song here once about 3 years ago and I remember being pretty blown away by it” she then went onto say to the audience. “This next one is a sad one, but i’m sure you know that if you have my album. They’re not all like that” Adele then said before launching into the emotional driven Don’t You Remember. This song was a real crowd pleaser and everyone was joining in.

Once over Adele decided to sit down and have a cup of tea “I’m not allowed to drink anymore it’s f**king rubbish”.

“This next song I am going to do for you is another new one. This is even sadder than the last one. I like telling the story of what inspired this song because it’s a serious sounding song. I’m not sad anymore by the way, i’m actually very happy. But when I was writing this record I was sad, I hardly left the house I didn’t go out for months it was horrible. But this one what kind of triggered the song , I was in a restaurent in New York when I was thinking about it. Being in New York and you know when you go to a Dim Sum restaurent or Chinese restaurent and you’ve got those massive round tables that turn. We had a arguement me and my ex boyfriend in this restaurent everyone was looking at us. No one knew it was me I hadn’t sold any records at this point” Adele then went on to say before launching into Turning Tables. Once over it was then onto another one of my favourites from the current album 21 and this being Set Fire To The Rain. I liked Adele’s story behind the song:

That song was inspired by me trying to light a cigerette. We were in that stage of our relationship where everything was getting a bit tedious and the smallest things sparked a row. We were standing outside this restaurent and I was trying to light a cigerette and it started raining. So my kighter wasn’t working and that triggered off a arguement. He started calling me a idiot trying to light a cigerette with a broken lighter. So I was about to walk away from the arguement as the loser and then my lighter lit. I do reckon the song sounds a bit more glamorous”.

Adele then spied a helium balloon in the crowd “Awww a balloon, I love you. Oh my god a whole gift Excuse me security. Excuse me Hi, thanks. What’s your name?”. Her name was Ilse from Belgium. ” Oh hello do you live in Belgium? You came all this way. Oh my gawd. Can I keep the gift between us? Can I look at them later? OK can I look in a bit then I just wanna do this song”. So Adele then looked in the gift bag and pulled out glow in the dark stuff and a apron. “It looks good blowing in the wind” Adele said referring to the helium heart shaped balloon. It was then onto American band Steel Drivers cover If It Hadn’t Been For Love which had Adele’s very own stamp of originality on it.  There was a dash of country in this cover. Once this fantastic rendition of this song was over Adele then wnet onto say “Has anyone come to the show tonight with their best friend? I’m going to sing this for you and yours”. Adele was singing this song for her best friend Laura Dockrill whom was in the audience. The song in question being My Same. The song was delivered to perfection and it was a real pleasure to hear it as it is one of the many highlights from the debut album 19.

“This next one I am going to do for you was the first song that I wrote for the new album, and I didn’t mean to write it when I did. I just had a few days spare so I decided to go in the studio to see if I remembered how to write a song coz it been so long. Just kind of dip my toe back in the water. I was still with my ex whom my records about. We were still together, we weren’t blissfully happy but happyish. It’s alright we are becoming friends again but I will tell you more about that later. It’s alright I know what I’m doing it’s fine, don’t worry”.

“I wrote this song and I was quite surprised coz I don’t really tell myself how I feel about many things. It’s normally when things completely explode that I realise somethings either wrong. I was quite surprised when I came out the studio with this song. Played it to him and a couple of weeks later he left me and this was like a premonition of what was to come”.

Take It All was the next song. Adele’s vocals were powerful and spine tingling as well. She belted out this song at ease. You can definately pick up on the soul feel. So after plenty of applause it was then onto the first fainter of the night. “Medic Medic, Medic has someone passed out? Excuse me Medic someones passed out pretty much slap bang in the middle. Can you make a pass so they can get through to the side. They alright? They OK? Thankyou for alerting me so I could get them. Wow that’s pretty rock ‘n’ roll. Make sure there alright please, keep them back till their better proper”. So once the fainter had been lifted over the barrier to First Aid Adele then went onto say what inspired the next song. “This next one was mainly inspired by when I got home after touring and I went for dinner with some of my girls and they all thought I was seeing someone I never even heard of. So I wrote this as a response song but even people closest to me believe stuff”. This song was Rumour Has It and this is a song you can have a stomp and dance to. This song is a strong one and the verses were amazing. Right As Rain followed on straight after and this was delivered powerfully and was very upbeat.

“This next one I’m going to do for you, this one is the only song on the album that isn’t about my ex boyfriend. This one was about someone who up till recently I adored, thought he was brilliant, thought the sun shone out of his arse that’s how much I loved him. And then he turned out to be the biggest d*ckhead out of everyone and it’s sad because this song is really happy but I don’t sing this song for him no more. Normally I kind of vision the person who the song is about and I sing it at them in my head. But this one no, I shall not picture this guy in my head. I ain’t got time for dickheads. And in fact going back to me and my ex being friends I think enough time has gone past now. And also I was a b*tch to him as well, I give as good as I get”.

It was then onto the beautiful gospel inspired One And Only. “I lied, I pictured his face and he makes me livid. I pictured myself punching his face. Bad egg he was” Adele then went onto say after delivering this song perfectly. It was then onto Lovesong which features on the album 21 but is a cover of The Cure. “I did a cover on my first album and I really enjoyed doing it. I think it’s quite magical trying to remember a moment in your life to be soundtracked by someone elses song. And it’s hard to do as well especially when you write your own songs” Adele said to the audience before revealing that the arrangement was meant for Barbara Streisand. Now I love The Cure but Adele made this song her own. Her rendition was outstanding. “I need a camera, can someone get a camera. I got a iPhone yesterday and I love it. I was a Blackberry girl. I do miss my BBM  but I’m addicted to my iPhone now I got all my little Applications, no there not called Applications that’s so posh Apps.” Adele then said to the audience as she wanted to take a picture of the sold out HMV Apollo. “Anyway this next one was my first ever proper single. So lets have a little singalong if you know it”. The song was Chasing Pavements and this song is so mellowing and enchanting. As to be predicted it was a massive singalong. Once over a camera was found and the picture was taken with Adele kneeling in the mddle of the photo. “Awwwww I’m putting that on my website. I’m going to do a couple covers. This first one I only just added into my set list actually. Someone’s excited. I first sung it at the iTunes Festival and I lost my confidence a bit just because the song is just so amazing. So I decided not to do it for a while then I slowly started doing it again while I was on tour in America and now it is becoming a permanent song in the set”. This being another cover of Bonnie Raitts I Can’t Make You Love Me which was ever so beautiful. After 30ish seconds of applause and cheers Adele went onto say “Don’t I cry so easily, so please don’t my eyes already welled up. My mascara might sting my eyes”.

“This next one I’m going to do for you is going to be my last song of the night. Ow it’s like you really meant it, I’m only joking it’s just to add a bit of drama to the show, nothing like that, no surprises. I will go off because it does add another section to the show”.

“So the last song of the night wink, wink, is another cover and it’s the cover that I did on my first album. It’s come back around really, it’s been a year since it suddenly started doing really well because of X Factor. I’ve seen Simon Cowell, you know meanie, I’ve seen him and he seems to think my success now is because of him. What a f*cking joker”. This final song being Make You Feel My Love and it was dedicated to the biggest joker the late great Amy Winehouse whom inspired Adele. The band go off only to return moments later for the encore. “I know I should probably come back and do a upbeat one and get you in the party mood and stuff like that. But I like to talk about the next song that I’m going to do next. This song changed my life when I wrote it and it changed my life when I started singing it live, when I started doing it on TV, on radio and stuff like that. But more importantely it helped me get over splitting up with my ex boyfriend which I know I’m only 23 but I was 21 at the time and it’s a bit like young thing. But he changed my life and I can’t ever explain to you how much and how important it was at the time we were together” Adele said before launching into the beautiful ballad Someone Like You. This is the song that made Adele. Even though I loved her when she released 19 it was the performance of this song on the Brit Awards which has made her achieve so much success with 21. During this song Adele came to the barrier and sung part of this beautiful song. She was about a inch away from me. It was simply incredible. “Have you had a good time? So have I. Thankyou so much for coming and it really is a dream come true to play here. So thankyou for being so marvellous. That’s my new word marvellous. You have made all my dreams come true” Adele said before launching into the first single from 21 and this being Rolling In The Deep. There was plenty of singing, dancing and plenty of finger pointing.


Hometown Glory
I’ll Be Waiting
Don’t You Remember
Turning Tables
Set Fire To The Rain
If It Hadn’t Been For Love
My Same
Take It All
Rumour Has It
Right As Rain
One And Only
Chasing Pavements
I Can’t Make You Love Me
Make You Feel My Love


Someone Like You
Rolling In The Deep

OVERALL: My evening at the HMV Apollo was fantastic. Adele was on form it is hard to believe that it was only her 5th show. Her vocals were pitch perfect she hit the high notes at ease. I enjoyed the evening so much I only wish I had attended the dates earlier on in the year. I would of even have liked to been at that show at The Tabernacle on January. I loved her banter Adele can talk for England. Bring on the dates at the o2 Arena next February. If she does 2 nights in a row I am so there.


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