Peggy Sue @ Rough Trade East 13th September 2011

In conjunction with the release of sophomore album Acrobats, Peggy Sue played at a intimate showcase at Rough Trade East. The 8 song set started off with the gentle Boxes. The combination of strings and drums worked perfectly. I loved this mellowing song and it was delivered faultlessly. After plenty of applause it was straight into Fossils And Other Phantoms song Yo Mama. I liked how everything infuses together to create this brilliant song. This song was rather pacey. “Hi we’re Peggy Sue, Thanks for coming to watch us” Katy said to the audience before launching into another song from Acrobats and this being Funeral Beat. This song was delivered with every ounce of energy. Before playing the current single Song & Dance Katy says that they have some advance copies to sell. Now this was a good choice of single because the lyrics are brilliant plus it is very upbeat at the same time. “We’re in quite a calm mood today” Rosa said to the audience before playing the soothing oldie I Read It In The Paper. This steady paced song was delivered beautifully. Following on was the penultimate song on the night this being Shadows. This song sounded darker because the song was alot deeper compared to the others. Shadows was mainly sung by Rosa with Katy harmonising. “Thankyou so much for coming to watch” Katy said before saying they were not on best form for puns. Rosa then reveals she is wearing the bands T Shirt. “It’s really un cool to wear own band T Shirt” Rosa said. “But when the T Shirt this good” was Katy’s reply. The final song of the night was a medley of two songs This Constant Night/ There Always Was. The first half of this medley was This Constant Night which doesn’t feature on Acrobats. I liked this song it is slighly uptempo and extremely powerful. There Always Was which was geled to the end of This Constant Night was delivered to perfection.


Yo Mama
Funeral Beat
Song & Dance
I Read It In The Paper
This Constant Night/ There Always Was


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