Peggy Sue @ The Lexington 12th September 2011

The sophomore album by Brightons very own Peggy Sue was released today. Acrobats is the name of the album and it is nice to see how much they have progressed since when I saw them for the first time in 2007. As this evening was the album launch the majority of songs played were from Acrobats plus there were a couple of others thrown in for good measure. This wonderful folk band consisted of Rosa Rex, Katy Klaw, Olly Joyce, Becca Mears and Emma Kraemer. Now Becca and Emma were the string section which made the new songs sound wonders. They have also recruited a new member on guitar making this band a 6 piece. All that aside Acrobats is sheer brilliance, every single track is fantastic.

Opening up the bands set was I Read It In The Paper. This song was taken from the debut album Fossils And Other Phantoms. This song also was released as a split vinyl with the other half being a First Aid Kit song especially for Record Store Day 2010. I Read It In The Paper had a steady paced song and it was delivered beautifully. It’s also a break up song as well. “Evening, How’s everyone doing?” Katy said to the sold out crowd before singing another song from the debut album. This being Yo Mama. I liked how everything infuses together to create this brilliant song. The pace is slightly fast and they belt out this song. Rosa was on the acoustic guitar and Katy was on the accordion. “We’re Peggy Sue, thanks for coming to our gig” Katy said before launching into Acrobats song Funeral Beat. There was a bit of a full start and Rosa mentions that Katy makes her do Lauryn Hill warmups. The lyrics were dark and fantastic. Plus it was belted out. “We made a music video with a dance routine” Katy said before launching into the current single Song & Dance. This incredible song had fantastic lyrics. Watchman was next and it had a beat to it. It is a nice strong steady paced song as well. The line I like is “I only came to watch you watch me leave”. After the song had finished Katy then introduced the band. “Now it’s our secord album we’re being less sophisticated and introducing people with their surnames”. Another Acrobats song was next up next. This being Shadows and it sounded darker because the song was alot deeper compared to the others. Shadows was mainly sung by Rosa with Katy harmonising. Something incredible was next and this being an a capella vesion of Hit The Road Jack. The loop pedal was used during this song to great effect. This song was delivered to absolute perfection and was slightly special as well due to the fact it was something completely different. All We’ll Keep was a real crowd pleased and was sung by both Rosa and Katy. “Since everything’s going so smoothly we’re gonna do one we’ve never done before” Rosa said before the band played Changed And Waiting. They sailed through this song without a hitch. Once the song was over there was some discussion with the fact they were to worried about making sure their outfits look like it’s the sophomore album. Boxes was next and I loved this gentle mellowing song. The mix of strings, guitars and drums worked perfectly. The song was delivered faultlessly. Salt Water was mainly sung by Katy and it is a steady song which I rather like. Rosa played the drums that were set up beside her. The final song of the night was a mash up of two songs This Constant Night/ There Always Was. Before starting up the final song everyone sang Happy Birthday to Rosa’s mum Chris. The first half of this mash up was This Constant Night which doesn’t feature on Acrobats. I liked this song it is slighly uptempo and extremely powerful. There Always Was which was geled to the end of This Constant Night was delivered to perfection. It capped off an extraordinary night. “We were always going to come back” Katy said to the audience as they took to the stage for the encore. Katy was sporting the snazzy Give PS A Chance Tie Died T Shirt. It was then onto the B Side of current single Song & Dance. This being How Heavy The Quiet That Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine. The song was sung to perfection and it was spine tingling at the same time. Ending the night was the 6 minute epic Cut My Teeth.


I Read It In The Paper
Yo Mama
Funeral Beat
Song & Dance
Hit The Road Jack
All We’ll Keep
Changed And Waiting
Salt Water
This Constant Night/ There Always Was


How Heavy The Quiet That Grew Between Your Mouth And Mine
Cut My Teeth


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