Slow Club @ Rough Trade East 31st August 2011

“Hiya, you all alright. Thanks for coming I feel dead special” Rebecca said when they both took to the stage. This evening was the launch of the sophomore album by Folk duo Slow Club. The band consist of both Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor and I have been keeping tabs on their music since 2008. Paridise is the follow up to debut Yeah So and having had my copy two days prior I can say it is probably their best yet. Kicking things off was Gold Mountain which Charles mainly sings with Rebecca adding the harmonies. This song is slow paced and is extremely beautiful. So after plenty of applause it was then onto the forthcoming single Where I’m Waking. This fast paced song is like a roller coaster ride. Joining the two were the two new members Avvon Chambers and Sweet Baboo. Back to the song it is amazing, infectious as well and you can sense the energy. “Thanks. It’s a bit weird, it’s a bit quiet” Charles said after everyone applauded the song. Rebecca then went onto say “We’re just doing newies soz. That’s exciting isn’t it”. Rebecca never fails to make me smile when she interacts with the audience. Up next was If We’re Still Alive. This song was delivered strongly and it was up tempo in pace. “Has anyone got the album? What’s your favourite tell me? I wan’t a breakdown from each of you. Email me at” Rebecca Taylor said before Charles introduced the next song as Never Look Back. In fact the next song of the evening was Horses Jumping which Charles sang the majority of. This is a gentle song and towards the end Rebecca harmonised. Never Look Back was next and Charles told the audience that Rebecca was playing guitar. “Don’t draw attention to me. I’m properly crap at guitar” she then said. This was a wonderful song and the parts that Taylor sang were belted out. Never Look Back is a laid back song which had a steady pace. The band were introduced whom were Steve “Sweet Baboo” and Avvon Chambers. “Speaking of which who is coming to the Shepherd’s Bush Empire? That’s about right, that’s why we need more of you to come” Taylor went onto say before the next newie on the night. This being the fast paced The Dog. It was mainly sung by Charles with Rebecca adding the harmonies. “Okay, who’s got feelings. No one. This is a song about feelings” Rebecca said to the audience before launching into non album track Only If Your Certain. I love this song so much Rebecca’s vocals are so hypnotic and soothing at the same time. Charles also added the harmonies. “This is our last song” Watson said before mentioning if there were Australians over there. “What a bizarre question” Rebecca then went onto say. The evening ended with the current single Two Cousins. This upbeat infectious song captivates you from the very start.


Gold Mountain
Where I’m Waking
If We’re Still Alive
Horses Jumping
Never Look Back
The Dog
Only If Your Certain
Two Cousins


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